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Disused industrial site becomes community hub

About this project

Abandoned in 2002, a 19,000-m² factory site in Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg, near Regensburg, Bavaria was on the brink of falling into disrepair. The municipality stepped in and, with EU funding, had the 1960s production hall converted into a community centre for people of all ages.

A community-led architectural project in Bavaria

Finding new uses for large, abandoned industrial sites is often a challenge. A Europe-wide tendering process was launched for the redesign of an old factory building in Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg, Bavaria. It was won by Munich-based architects Neumann & Heinsdorff, who developed an extensive concept in close cooperation with local residents. The project was funded by the EU and the State of Bavaria.

In just a few years, the two-storey hall was turned into a modern cultural centre for the local community. Use of steel structures emphasises its industrial past. The building houses a large events hall, several clubrooms, a youth centre and a library. The forecourt and outdoor area were redesigned to serve as a meeting place in line with residents’ needs.

Bringing young and old together under one roof

Residents of Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg, Lower Bavaria meet at the town’s ‘Haus der Generationen’ (HDG) for a wide range of events and projects. These include concerts, shows, conferences, youth clubs, parent and toddler groups and adult education courses. German classes are also provided for asylum seekers and migrants.

Housed in a former factory, the HDG attracts all sections of the community, fostering integration and bringing young and old together. Mayor Karl Wellendorfer notes that the centre has become the town’s main meeting place and welcomes everyone with open arms. “We embrace all ideas that help to fill the HDG with life and make it attractive to the public,” he says.


Project facts
  • The ‘Haus der Generationen’ was established during 2011-12
  • It is located on the 19,000-m² site of an old factory between Mallersdorf and Pfaffenberg, Bavaria
  • The centre received €4.7 million in funding from the EU and the State of Bavaria
Kathrin Rattei (public relations for traffic and the environment, municipality of Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg)
Germany, Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg, Bavaria
2017 - 2020
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