Biotech company from Graz expands worldwide

EU financing helps ZETA Biopharma in growing

About this project

ZETA Biopharma from Graz, Austria, develops production systems for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector. These are used to produce substances such as cancer drugs, insulin, vaccines and infusions. An Austrian bank gave ZETA a loan backed by the European Investment Fund (EIF) to help it expand. The company has customers worldwide and its market share is growing continuously.

ZETA Biopharma invests in staff and IT

An investment group led by Karl-Franz Maier bought ZETA Biopharma in 2011. Since then, ZETA has focused on international expansion and has become a leading provider of customized systems for liquid processes in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food sectors.

ZETA is achieving global success – from Europe through Russia to China and South East Asia.  Since the takeover, the owner-managed company has been investing heavily in software, staff training and development.

To support these investments and to ensure further growth, ZETA has been given a €3 million loan by an Austrian bank guaranteed by EIF within the investment plan for Europe. The investment plan for Europe aims to boost investments within the EU, especially in SMEs, such as ZETA.

“The EU funding enables us to make the necessary investments which are essential to a rapid development. Especially for smaller companies like ours, sufficient liquidity is crucial in order to be successful,” explains Karl-Franz Maier, CEO ZETA Biopharma.


Project facts
  • Founded in 1989
  • Headquarters in Lieboch, near Graz, Austria
  • Develops customized process system solutions for sterile and aseptic applications
  • EU funds are being used for staff training, software and further expansion
Bank Austria
EU Funding:
EUR 3 000 000
Austria, Lieboch/Graz
2010 - 2020
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