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Backing female entrepreneurs

Oona helps women develop and grow their businesses

O projekcie

EU funding has enabled the Oona initiative to offer free training and networking opportunities to about 200 female entrepreneurs in Uusimaa, Finland. This makes it possible for them to develop their businesses, increase sales and form partnerships with other entrepreneurs.

Training and a book to guide women in business

Finland’s Oona initiative has used EU funds to organise training, workshops and events, giving female entrepreneurs new ideas and fresh impetus for their businesses. Participants have formed networks and partnerships, and developed their companies further together. They have also enhanced their leadership, social media and digital marketing skills, which has helped them expand their networks, customer bases and increase sales.

‘Thanks to Oona’s courses I updated my web shop and invested in digital advertising, which doubled my amount of orders in one month’, tells one of the entrepreneurs.

Findings from Oona have been compiled in a book entitled Yrittäjänaisen kasvukirja (Growth Story of Female Entrepreneurs). It offers support for different business development phases and guidance on achieving growth, taking account of the diverse ways in which this can be done. The initiative’s trainers edited the book together with the participants and it is to be published in 2019 with EU support.

Fakty i liczby
  • Oona offers free training, workshops and networking opportunities for female entrepreneurs
  • 22 different trainings and workshops related to social media, digital marketing, leadership and improving products and services have been offered
  • More than 187 female entrepreneurs have already taken part in the workshops
  • In addition to trainings and workshops, 7 peer group meetings and networking events have been organised. 126 female entrepreneurs have taken part in these events.
  • In 2019, 5 workshops will be organised along with a training on products and services improvements a book entitled Yrittäjänaisen kasvukirja (Growth Story of Female Entrepreneurs) will be published on International Women's Day, 8 March 2019, as a result of the initiative
Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulu Oy (Metropolia University of Applied Sciences) and Työterveyslaitos (Finnish Institute of Occupational Health)
Wsparcie ze środków unijnych:
EUR 310 000
Työterveyslaitos (Finnish Institute of Occupational Health)
Finlandia, Uusimaa
Termin realizacji :
2016 - 2019
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