An aviation museum in Szolnok

Interactive attraction breathes new life into once run-down neighbourhood

About this project

Completed with EU funding, the RepTár interactive aviation museum in Szolnok, Hungary includes an exhibition space housing some unique pieces of aviation history. The investment has also revitalised the previously neglected neighbourhood, with new shops and cafes popping up close by.

RepTár – aviation museum and EU pilot project

Combined museum and theme park offers new tourist experience
#investEU installation at RepTár Aviation Musuem in Szolnok

The RepTár aviation museum was named ‘Tourist Attraction of the Year’ by national tourism experts in 2016 – the year it opened. It received significant EU funding and played a big part in regenerating a previously run-down area of the city of Szolnok, Hungary. The museum’s popularity has helped to increase the city’s attractiveness to tourists.

A press event organised by the European Commission Representation in Hungary was held at RepTár on 14 November 2017. Journalists were able to admire retired and restored aircraft, including historic warplanes, helicopters and engine models.

At the event it was underlined that in 2014-20, the EU is devoting HUF 1,300 billion (over €4 billion) to local and regional development. Of this, HUF 15 billion (around €48 million) goes to Szolnok. Another HUF 54 billion (€172 million) is spent on development of transport, education and infrastructure in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county, of which Szolnok is the seat.

Historic planes and urban renewal at Szolnok aviation museum

The RepTár interactive aviation museum in Szolnok, Hungary opened in 2016. Boasting an indoor exhibition space of over 4,500 m2 and a total area of some 60,000 m2, it is a unique attraction in the city. Months after opening, it welcomed its 10,000th visitor and, in the same year, won the ‘Tourist Attraction of Year’ award.

RepTár is also important as a location for urban development. Nearly €6.5 million in EU funding was invested in establishing the museum on a run-down site near a former railway building. The investment has had an effect on the entire city, with new shops, cafes and other facilities popping up in the area.

Project facts
  • 4,500m2 indoor exhibition space
  • Overall area of 60,000m2
  • Nearly €6.5 million in EU funding
RepTár Szolnok Nonprofit Ltd.
EU Funding:
EUR 6 500 000
Szolnoki Városfejlesztő Nonprofit Zrt.
Hungary, Szolnok
2012 - 2016
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