Alternatives to antibiotics

Pherecydes Pharma tackles major public health issue

About this project

Antibiotic resistance kills 33,000 people a year in Europe. To tackle it, French company Pherecydes Pharma has created natural alternatives to antibiotics using bacteriophages – viruses that infect bacteria. EU financing has enabled the company to build a production site where it can manufacture this new kind of medication.

Natural treatment for bacterial infections saves lives

Pherecydes Pharma is developing phage therapy, a natural and long-lasting treatment that acts as an alternative or supplement to antibiotics. It can be used to cure pathogenic bacterial infections and combat antibiotic resistance. Through its work with hospitals, Pherecydes Pharma has already saved the lives of volunteer patients who failed to respond to antibiotics.

The company received €2,446,712 from the European Innovation Council SME instrument for the period 2013-17 and will receive a further €2.246 million for 2018-20. This EU funding will be used to produce phages in line with pharmaceutical good manufacturing practice. From November 2018, it will finance the establishment of a production site in Nantes, France with the aim of obtaining ‘pharmaceutical laboratory’ status by 2020. The new facility will allow for the marketing of this alternative treatment, which responds to a major public health problem.

Project facts
  • EU financing accounts for 65% of Pherecydes Pharma’s budget
  • 3 hospitals have access to its bacteriophage treatment
  • 6 patients have been cured in France using the company’s methods
Jérôme Gabard
EU Funding:
EUR 2 446 712
Medicen Paris Region, Les Entreprises du medicament, France Biotech
France, Paris
2013 - 2020
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