An airbag helmet for cyclists

New protective headgear worn as a collar around the neck

About this project

Malmö-based company Hövding has developed an innovative cycling helmet as a result of years of research and development. It is designed as a discreet collar worn around the neck. The collar contains a folded airbag that is deployed in the event of an accident and encases the cyclist's head.

Swedish innovation produces airbag for cyclists

Although cycling is very popular in Sweden, only 30% of riders wear helmets. A 2005 law made them mandatory for children, giving rise to a public discussion about their importance and a business idea for two young entrepreneurs.

Several years of EU-funded research into and development of user functions followed, resulting in the creation of Hövding, a new type of cycle helmet. A folded airbag is placed in a discreet collar around the neck and expands to protect the rider's head on impact.

Results show that Hövding offers up to 8 times more protection than conventional helmets.

The airbag deploys within 0.1 seconds of a collision and absorbs 3 times more of the impact than a regular helmet. It has protected cyclists in more than 1,300 documented cases. Over 62,000 helmets have been sold and they are on the market in 16 European countries and Japan.

Project facts
  • Hövding has received €1.37 million from the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme
  • The company is experiencing strong sales growth (60-100%), focused on northern Europe
  • Around 62,000 helmets were sold during 2011-17, half of these during 2016-17
  • Hövding is present on 17 national markets
  • Over 1,300 accidents have been recorded in which Hövding helmets have protected cyclists
Fredrik Carling, CEO
Sweden, Malmö
2016 - 2020
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