Agroknow marries technology with agriculture

EU funds help Greek firm improve crop quality

About this project

A ground-breaking Greek company is paving the way for increased use of technology in agriculture. EU funding was vital in helping it get started.

Agricultural information universally accessible

Greek start-up Agroknow marries technology with farming by collecting, managing and organising agricultural information to help farmers increase and improve their crop production. “We know where you can find information, how to combine it and with which technology you can best exploit it,” says founder, Nikos Manouselis.

The idea for the company came to him by chance. While he was doing his PhD, he realised that “there’s something very interesting about the way in which all the information in the field of agronomy is digitally organised and stored”.

EU funding brought his ideas to fruition. “I realised that the EU had decided to boost research into the use of computers in agriculture and how everyone could gain knowledge and improve crops and their quality. I saw that funding was available and that there was room for what I was doing,” he says.

Thus Agroknow was born in 2008 and grew by exploiting the power of the open data movement (which promotes the use, distribution and sharing of data on the condition that the creator is credited). It has since undertaken projects on behalf of global clients such as the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

“I believe we used that European funding in the best way, developing and evolving a rare know-how, which we export to customers from the rest of the world,” says Manouselis. Indeed, Agroknow is now held up as a model for how EU funding can boost entrepreneurship.

Manouselis points out that the EU’s contribution doesn’t stop at funding. “The EU environment has offered us another significant competitive advantage. We have learned to operate in a multicultural environment and to collaborate with people who have a very different culture and speak different languages,” he concludes.

Project facts
  • Agroknow collects, manages and organises agricultural information digitally
  • This makes it easier to provide farmers with knowledge to enable them to improve crop quality
  • EU funding was vital in getting the company started in 2008
  • The open data movement, which promotes free use, distribution and sharing of data, has helped Agroknow to grow
  • It now supplies know-how to customers around the world, including the UN Food and Agriculture Organization
Nikos Manouselis
Greece, Athens
2008 - 2018
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