Faster diagnosis of allergies

EU funding for Viennese start-up Macro Array Diagnostics is providing medical practitioners with better diagnostic tools.

Fighting breast cancer

MaXIMA is a project of a common cause - to contribute to the fight against breast cancer. The innovations part of the project can lead to the development of new techniques for early detection as well as to help in reducing the deaths related to this type of cancer.

A display to make digital content tactile

Tactonom is an A4-sized display with more than 10,500 tactile points which enables visually impaired people to access and use digital tables, graphics and diagrams. This will help them work more independently and improve their chances of finding jobs.

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PLOCAN: a gateway to the ocean

The Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN) is a floating laboratory for development of advanced marine technologies. Situated on the east coast of Gran Canaria, it is the hub of numerous research projects. These cover fields ranging from marine biology to vehicle design.

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Smarter, smaller technology

Thirty years after its creation, the imec research centre has become one of the market leaders in the fields of nano-electronics and digital technologies. Based in Leuven, Belgium, researchers at this institute work on technologies with a surface area smaller than a human hair. Backed by the EU, imec combines microchips with digital technology that enable early detection of cancer, help to make tomorrow's cars smarter and safer for traffic, and improve our lives by connecting daily-used devices seamlessly.

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A war on childhood cancer

Austrian biotech firm Apeiron Biologics develops pharmaceutical products to treat cancer, with a particular focus on rare forms that mainly affect children. An EU loan will help the company to expand its research and develop new ways of fighting the disease.

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Explore the stories behind EU investment Explore the stories behind EU investment
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