An EU-funded project to safeguard the Mediterranean

Medsealitter aims to develop a shared protocol to monitor the impact of plastic sea litter on marine biodiversity.

The European Union supports the e-health in Poland

StethoMe – EU-supported smart stethoscope rings in new era in healthcare monitoring

EU supports transition to renewable energy

EU investment in Northvolt’s green batteries is speeding up the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

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Fresh pomegranates from Greece

Alfeios Rodi is an innovative social enterprise established by friends and colleagues to combine the cultivation, storage, processing and sale of pomegranates. The aim is to develop a new superfood and gradually turn the Peloponnese and Continental Greece into one of Europe’s main pomegranate-growing areas.

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New markets for Bulgarian rose oil

Ina EOOD, a small essential oil maker from Panagyurishte, Bulgaria, has bought modern rose oil distillation equipment with help from EU funds. This has allowed the company to set up a new production line for organic products and meet growing demand for natural oils in Bulgaria and across Europe.

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Eberlin apiary keeps growing

At 27 years of age with a masters in new media, Krists Ēberliņš seems an unlikely beekeeper. But for 5 years he has been running the family apiary in Nīgrande, Latvia. Equipment bought with EU support has enabled the apiary to grow from 1 to 350 bee colonies, create new products and build up exports. The family is now considering modernising production facilities and hiring more staff.

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Explore the stories behind EU investment Explore the stories behind EU investment
Explore the stories behind EU investment SEE THE FULL LIST

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