Childhood dream: Mangalica pig farmer

Hungarian food science graduate Zsóka Fekete fulfilled her childhood dream of setting up her own farm with help from EU funding.

EU risk capital enables start-up success

The German online shop tausendkind is among thousands of innovative firms that received EU support for innovative business ideas.

The European Union is about opportunities

The EU is investing in your future. In every country in the Union, the results are visible.

EU loan helps rose oil producer meet international demand

In the Bulgarian rose valley, Ina EOOD set up a new production line with EU support.


Discover the stories behind EU investment

EU investments create opportunities

Support to get projects off the ground, tailored grants and schemes available at all stages and ages of life, smart lending to trigger additional investments, targeted funding to modernise, develop and interconnect… The European Union is about opportunities that deliver concrete benefits, boost job creation and make a difference locally.

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EU investments make a difference near you

EU investments trigger improvements that matter in our everyday lives: better education, modernised healthcare, greener energy, new transport infrastructure, advanced technology, are just a few examples. The results are visible in every town, every region and in the most remote corners of the continent.

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The stories behind EU investments

Behind every EU investment, there are people's stories. Stories of new recruits, workers, farmers, self-entrepreneurs, school children, apprentices, beekeepers, researchers, merchants, students, transport users, artisans… They are best placed to tell about their experience. This platform puts the spotlight on a collection of stories that are happening in the EU right now.

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Explore the stories behind EU investment Explore the stories behind EU investment Explore the stories behind EU investment SEE THE FULL LIST

A selection of relevant projects

ARENA 2036 – Active Research Environment for the Next Generation of Automobiles

The University of Stuttgart‘s EU-funded ARENA2036 research building offers scientists a realistic environment for developing and testing concepts for the transport of the future. The aim is to lay the foundations for a fundamental change in automotive production by 2036 – the 150th anniversary of the motor car.
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PLOCAN: a gateway to the ocean

The Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN) is a floating laboratory for development of advanced marine technologies. Situated on the east coast of Gran Canaria, it is the hub of numerous research projects. These cover fields ranging from marine biology to vehicle design.
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Sustainable building with wood

Based in Foligno, in Italy’s Umbria region, Umbria Legno is an innovative start-up using wood as a construction material. As well as being durable and environmentally sustainable, wood reduces energy consumption in buildings. Thanks to EU support, Umbria Legno’s founders were able to get financing on favourable terms and start the business.
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