The European Union is about opportunities
The EU is investing in your future. In every country in the Union, the results are visible.

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EU investments create opportunities

Support to get projects off the ground, tailored grants and schemes available at all stages and ages of life, smart lending to trigger additional investments, targeted funding to modernise, develop and interconnect… The European Union is about opportunities that deliver concrete benefits, boost job creation and make a difference locally.

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EU investments make a difference near you

EU investments trigger improvements that matter in our everyday lives: better education, modernised healthcare, greener energy, new transport infrastructure, advanced technology, are just a few examples. The results are visible in every town, every region and in the most remote corners of the continent.

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The stories behind EU investments

Behind every EU investment, there are people's stories. Stories of new recruits, workers, farmers, self-entrepreneurs, school children, apprentices, beekeepers, researchers, merchants, students, transport users, artisans… They are best placed to tell about their experience. This platform puts the spotlight on a collection of stories that are happening in the EU right now.
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A selection of relevant projects

Sofia metro line 3

Some 1.5 million people live in or around Bulgaria’s capital Sofia and ever more residents and visitors prefer to travel by metro. Metro transport is fast, comfortable and economical, and helps reduce congestion and pollution. Almost 350,000 people a day use the existing 2 lines and the EU is now funding construction of line 3.
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Adaptable wine making

Climate change is having a direct effect on both agriculture and viticulture. But Germany’s Saale-Unstrut region, Europe’s most northerly designated quality wine region, is coming up with a response. A project aimed at adapting and optimising vine cultivation methods has been launched with EU support.
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A new development in Helsinki

Tripla is a construction project in Helsinki’s Pasila district, to be completed in phases between 2019 and 2021. It will have Finland's largest shopping centre, offices, apartments and a new railway station. Tripla will create enough renewable energy to cover nearly all of its needs and will be fitted with recycling, water processing and waste processing systems.
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