Faster diagnosis of allergies

EU funding for Viennese start-up Macro Array Diagnostics is providing medical practitioners with better diagnostic tools.

Fighting breast cancer

MaXIMA is a project of a common cause - to contribute to the fight against breast cancer. The innovations part of the project can lead to the development of new techniques for early detection as well as to help in reducing the deaths related to this type of cancer.

A display to make digital content tactile

Tactonom is an A4-sized display with more than 10,500 tactile points which enables visually impaired people to access and use digital tables, graphics and diagrams. This will help them work more independently and improve their chances of finding jobs.

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Investing in the future of people

The EU is investing in the Comme Chez Nous association, which offers emergency housing, healthcare and training to people in need in Wallonia, Belgium. This enables them to get back on their feet and gradually play a more active role in society. In 2018, Comme Chez Nous provided assistance and coaching to 1,037 individuals.

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Helping refugees find work

Since 2016, Caritas Vorarlberg’s start2work project has been helping refugees with the right to remain in Austria to find jobs. Backed by almost €800,000 in EU funding, the project provides German lessons, coaching and practical training. It also introduces refugees to the working environment at small and medium-sized companies in the state of Vorarlberg, where they can make new contacts.

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E2C: double the chance of success

Second Chance Schools (E2C) offer tailor-made programmes, different from those of mainstream schools, for early school leavers aged 16 to 25. This gives motivated young people a second chance at finding their place in the job market and at social and civic integration.

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Explore the stories behind EU investment Explore the stories behind EU investment
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