An EU-funded project to safeguard the Mediterranean

Medsealitter aims to develop a shared protocol to monitor the impact of plastic sea litter on marine biodiversity.

The European Union supports the e-health in Poland

StethoMe – EU-supported smart stethoscope rings in new era in healthcare monitoring

EU supports transition to renewable energy

EU investment in Northvolt’s green batteries is speeding up the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

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Boosting inclusion at school

The EU-funded DRASE (Actions for School and Social Inclusion) programme helps vulnerable school pupils across Cyprus. Enhanced learning classes, after-school lessons and programmes with creative activities are improving the educational and social integration of 15,000 pupils. The programme runs in 96 preschools, primary schools, high schools, upper secondary schools and technical schools and employs 825 teachers and 15-20 psychologists each year.

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Students map out their future

The EU-funded Tunne Työ initiative implements measures to increase knowledge of working life among teaching and guidance staff in upper-secondary educational establishments in Finland. It also looks to develop educational structures so as to better support student career planning. The aim is to make students aware of the variety of education and career options open to them.

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QTrobot: an expressive robot for autism therapy

In Luxembourg, 1 person in every 100 is diagnosed with autism. To support education of autistic children, LuxAI has developed QTrobot, a humanoid social robot able to generate a variety of facial expressions and gestures. It communicates in a simpler way than human beings. This enables children with autism to understand it easily and develop social and life skills. EU funding enabled LuxAI to enhance the privacy and security of its social robot platform and get QTrobot to market in several EU countries.

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Explore the stories behind EU investment Explore the stories behind EU investment
Explore the stories behind EU investment SEE THE FULL LIST

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