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The Security of our Union

The Security of our Union

The EU Global Strategy starts at home. Our Union has enabled citizens to enjoy unprecedented security, democracy and prosperity. Yet today terrorism, hybrid threats, economic volatility, climate change and energy insecurity endanger our people and territory. An appropriate level of ambition and strategic autonomy is important for Europe’s ability to promote peace and security within and beyond its borders. We will therefore enhance our efforts on defence, cyber, counterterrorism, energy and strategic communications. Member States must translate their commitments to mutual assistance and solidarity enshrined in the Treaties into action. The EU will step up its contribution to Europe’s collective security, working closely with its partners, beginning with NATO.

To implement the EU Global Strategy, decisive steps are being taken on Security and Defence. In November 2016, EU Foreign and Defence ministers decided on a new level of ambition and key steps to upgrade cooperation on Security and Defence in line with the Global Strategy (Council conclusions). These Conclusions were based on HRVP Federica Mogherini's Implementation Plan on Security and Defence. This aims to improve the protection of the EU and its citizens, help governments jointly build military capacity, and develop  better response to crises. Further actions to step up EU Security include the European Defence Action Plan, which proposes financial help for Member States for more efficient joint procurement and capability development, and steps to put into effect the EU-NATO Joint Declaration.

All three - the Security and Defence Implementation Plan, European Defence Action Plan, and the EU-NATO Join Declaration - form part of a package to enhance the Security of our Union.

Key documents on Security and Defence

European Council conclusions, 15 December 2016

Council Conclusions on the Global Strategy on the EU's foreign and security policy

EU Global Strategy Implementation Plan on Security and Defence

Council Conclusions on implementing the Global Strategy in the area of security and defence

Commission Defence Action Plan

Joint EU-NATO Declaration of 08 July 2016

Council Conclusions on implementing the Joint Declaration on EU-NATO cooperation

Joint Framework to counter hybrid threats


Multimedia on Security and Defence

Video: "EU wants to reinforce its security and defence capacity" (link is external) 

Video: Press conference by HRVP Federica MOGHERINI, Vice-President Jyrki KATAINEN, and Commissioner Elżbieta BIEŃKOWSKA European Defence Action Plan 


Press releases and statements on Security and Defence

Remarks by the High Representative Mogherini on the adoption of the European Defence Action Plan

European Commission press release on the European Defence Action Plan: Towards a European Defence Fund 

HRVP Mogherini unveils European Defence Action Plan

HRVP Mogherini: "EU-Nato cooperation crucial for the continent" 

HRVP Mogherini presents Implementation Plan on Security and Defence to EU Ministers

HRVP Mogherini: "Global Strategy will allow EU to meet its huge potential" 

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