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Security & Defence

To implement the EU Global Strategy, decisive steps are being taken on Security and Defence. In November 2016, EU Foreign and Defence ministers decided on a new level of ambition and key steps to upgrade cooperation to ensure the Security of our Union in line with the Global Strategy (Council conclusions). These Conclusions were based on HRVP Federica Mogherini’s Implementation Plan on Security and Defence. This aims to improve the protection of the EU and its citizens, help governments jointly build military capacity, and develop better response to crises. The EU has moved rapidly to implement the implement the strategy. It has established a new command centre for military training and advisory missions that will help we have fast and coordinated response to crises around the globe. At the same time a coordinated review of annual defence budgets is underway that will allow member states to plan and invest on crucial military capabilities together.

Further actions to step up EU Security include the European Defence Action Plan, which proposes financial help for Member States for more efficient joint procurement and capability development, and steps to put into effect the EU-NATO Joint Declaration.

Key documents on Security and Defence

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Multimedia on Security and Defence

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Press releases and statements on Security and Defence

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