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  1. 10/06/2016

    The EU Global Strategy: going beyond effective multilateralism?

    The ongoing consultation process on the European Union Global Strategy (EUGS) presents an opportunity for the European Union (EU) to update its stance on multilateralism. This collection of six essays published by the EPC addresses the question: Over a five year horizon, what do you think should be the focus of the EU’s multilateral agenda? The answers dwell on the EU playing a proactive role in relation to emerging powers especially China, and Latin America as a whole; furthering the EU’s soft power through ‘science diplomacy’; and EU leadership in building a global energy and climate community, and counter terrorism measures.

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  2. 01/06/2016

    The EU needs a coherent global strategy and must tackle uncertainties dampening recovery

    A statement by BUSINESSEUROPE highlights the importance of the European institutions to define a coherent global strategy for the European Union, aimed at ensuring world leadership in trade and investment. According to BUSINESSEUROPE the economic dimension must be an integral part and provide a long term economic vision. Trade policy, including market access for goods, services and resources as well as modern and effective trade defence instruments, must be the central pillar of this EU Global Strategy.

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  3. 31/05/2016

    What is the future for EU – Russia relations? A survey of European Leadership Network members for the EU’s Global Strategy on foreign and security policy

    The European Union is in the process of preparing a new Global Strategy on foreign and security policy. In the context of the volatile situation in the eastern part of the continent and Russia’s behaviour, the future of the pan-European security architecture and EU’s relationship with Moscow require further attention.

    In order to contribute to the development of the Global Strategy, the European Leadership Network has undertaken to survey its members regarding the present security situation in Europe and the state and future prospects of EU-Russia relations.

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  4. 25/05/2016

    New Wine in Old Skins? How to avoid that the EU Global Strategy fails due to institutional misfit

    The European Global Strategy (EGS) to be released in June this year promises to add yet another instrument to the EU’s foreign policy toolbox. Dealing with the challenges of the world – more connected, more contested and more complex requires coordinated and effective EU action. While the publication of the EGS will offer some much-needed strategic guidance for the Union's foreign policy, persistent weaknesses of inter-institutional coordination prevent the EU from unfolding its full potential.

    Against this background, the German Institute for International and Security Affairs - Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP) will hold an expert exchange on the necessary steps towards a more coherent EU foreign policy.


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  5. 25/05/2016

    EuroMeSCo’s contribution to the EU Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy.

    On the occasion of the EuroMeSCo Annual Conference 2016, held in Brussels on 14-15 April, more than 150 experts and policy makers from 30 countries gathered to discuss the current security situation in the Mediterranean. The Annual Conference “Towards a Security Architecture for the Mediterranean”, held at a critical juncture of Euro-Mediterranean relations, aimed at contributing to the debate in the final stretch before the release of the EU Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy.

    The debates constitute a valuable contribution to the mapping of the main threats in the Mediterranean region and offer interesting insights on how the security order in the region should be reviewed in order to address them. The position of the European Union as an actor in the region and the impact of domestic challenges on its external leverage are leading threads of the report.




  6. 25/05/2016

    Europe’s Future in the Context of Global Insecurity

    "Europe’s Future in the Context of Global Insecurity" is the focus of the Dahrendorf Symposium 2016 taking place in Berlin, from 25-27 May. A special session will be held on the EU Global Strategy as a game changer for the Union's global engagement. The Dahrendorf Symposium 2016 will bring together participants, ranging from civilian and government officials to representatives from the think tank community and universities, to discuss solutions and develop ideas to address global challenges. The hosts of the symposium are the Hertie School of Governance, The London School of Economics and Political Science, and Stiftung Mercator.



  7. 23/05/2016

    Europe as a peace project?

    In the midst of global crises can the EU offer a 21st century alternative to conflict resolution. The ‘Berlin report’ – result of a joint project of the LSE Human Security Study Group and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung London office – explores new avenues for policy in the context of the current debate on an EU Global Strategy for foreign and security policy. The report will also be presented at an event at the London School of Economics on Tuesday, 24 may. Read the full text.

  8. 19/05/2016

    EU foreign policy in a changing climate - A climate and energy strategy for Europe’s long-term security

    E3G will host the roundtable event “EU foreign policy in a changing climate - A climate and energy strategy for Europe’s long-term security” on Thursday 19 May 13-14:30 . HR/VP Federica Mogherini will present a new EU Global Strategy to EU leaders in June. This is a key opportunity to rethink Europe’s diplomatic, security and economic priorities in light of the successful Paris Agreement of December 2015. Against this background, the event will discuss practical ways on how to integrate climate change and energy into EU foreign policy decisions.



  9. 19/05/2016

    Read the latest on EU Global Strategy

    Read the latest policy brief on the EU Global Strategy by Robert Cooper, Senior Fellow at the Dahrendorf Forum. Find out more about the European Global Strategy in our Comment and Analysis sections.



  10. 17/05/2016

    Development diplomacy in the #EUGlobalStrategy: No slip of the tongue

    Read the latest commentary on development diplomacy by ECMPD. Find out more about the European Global Strategy in our Comment  and Analysis sections.