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  1. 31/10/2016

    After the EU Global Strategy: Consulting the experts on Security and Defence

    Following the publication of the EU Global Strategy in June, attention has now turned to its implementation. A  Security and Defence Implementation Plan (SDIP) will focus on the EU’s ability to respond to external conflicts and crises, build the capacities of partners affected by fragility and instability, and protect Europe. The EUISS organised a workshop dedicated to the SDIP in Brussels on 17 October, where leading experts and analysts shared their thoughts and ideas with key policymakers and the main drafters of the SDIP

    This volume presents a compilation of the memos that these experts drafted following the workshop, in which they outline their preferred level of ambition and priority areas for EU security and defence.

  2. 31/10/2016

    Upcoming LSE Event: Brexit and the EU Global Strategy

    On 17th November, the London School of Economics and Political Science will host a public event titled "Brexit and the EU Global Strategy". Speakers include Ms. Nathalie Tocci, Special Advisor to the High Representative, Sven Biscop, Director of the Europe in the World Programme at Egmont, and Professor Ben Tonra, Jean Monnet Professor of European Foreign, Security and Defence Policy at University College Dublin.

  3. 26/10/2016

    Jean Monnet/ECSA Conference 2016

    On 17-18th October, DG Education and Culture hosted the 2016 Jean Monnet/ECSA Conference in Brussels. This year's theme was "Global Governance in times of Global Challenges", based on the recently adopted European Union Global Strategy, with plenary sessions on peace and security, prosperity, and democracy. The 250 attendees consisted of representatives of the Jean Monnet community – professors and researchers who teach EU studies and come from all around the world, and who together constitute a unique pool of knowledge when it comes to EU matters. Speakers included Mr. Tibor Navaracsics, European Commissioner for Education and Culture, and Ms. Nathalie Tocci, Special advisor to EU High Representative Federica Mogherini.

    The EU Global Strategy was adopted in June and sets out the key priorities for EU external action for years to come. Watch the video here.

    For the full programme, see here.

  4. 25/10/2016

    Strategy matters – Key documents on the EU Global Strategy

    The EU Global Strategy was launched by the HRVP in June 2016 to give the European Union direction in a connected, contested and complex world.  This publications gives you an overview of the key documents and why they matter for Europe's foreign and security policy. According the High Representative, Federica Mogherini: "The publication of the EUGS is just the beginning. Now our collective work has to focus on implementing the strategy as well as on communicating more broadly to the public. It is important for us to listen carefully to what our citizens expect and to communicate to them what we attempt to do."

    Read more here.

  5. 25/10/2016

    Latest insights on the EU Global Strategy

    Read some of the latest opinions on the EU Global Strategy, including extensive analysis from The International Spectator and Contemporary Security Policy journals.

    Find out more in our comment and analysis sections.

  6. 23/10/2016

    3rd Euro-Mediterranean Forum on Intercultural Dialogue

    The 3rd Euro-Mediterranean Forum on Intercultural Dialogue takes place in Valletta, Malta from 23rd to 25th October, falling on the eve of Malta assuming the Presidency of the European Council from January 2017.Following the two previous Forums in Barcelona, 2010 and Marseilles, 2013, the Malta Forum will discuss, inter alia, 'Moving beyond the Extremist Narrative: Youth on the Frontline'. One of the major objectives of the gathering is to develop policy recommendations for regional cooperation and inputs for the Maltese Presidency. The Southern neighbourhood region and youth are on top of the EU political agenda, as confirmed in the recently launched EU Global Strategy for Foreign and Security Policy.

  7. 17/10/2016

    EU Foreign Ministers adopted common conclusions on implementing the EU Global Strategy

    Today EU Foreign Ministers meeting in Luxembourg adopted common conclusions on implementing the EU Global Strategy. Priorities are among others , Security and Defence, An Integrated Approach to Conflicts and Crisis, building resilient societies and institutions at home and abroad as well as linking internal and external policies, for example in fighting terrorism.

    Read more here.

  8. 10/10/2016

    Speech by the High Representative / Vice-President Federica Mogherini in Stockholm, Sweden

    High-Representative/​Vice-President (HRVP), Federica Mogherini gave a speech at the public seminar "EU as a Global Actor" in Stockholm on 10 October 2016. She outlines the way Sweden helped inspire a more holistic approach to conceptualizing security, and also emphasized the need for the EU to come together as a strong unified actor in order to reach its full potential in foreign policy.

    Read the full speech here.

    Watch the video here.

  9. 08/10/2016

    Latest insights on the EU Global Strategy

    Read the latest opinions on the EU Global Strategy. The Strategy was launched to make Europe resilient in the face of crisis and preserve Europe's core interests and values.  Find out more about the European Global Strategy in our comment and analysis sections.

  10. 04/10/2016

    Delivering security in a turbulent world - Norway and the EU

    On 4th October, the Mission of Norway to the EU and the European Policy Center organised the event "Delivering security in a turbulent world - Norway and the EU". Norway is preparing a "White Paper" on the way forward for its foreign and security policy, to be published in 2017. Key speakers were Foreign Minister Børge Brende and DSG Christian Leffler.

    M. Brende stressed the unprecedented challenges for the global security situation, and urged Europe to strengthen its own security and defence. He stressed that the EU and NATO are complementary. DSG Leffler referred to the shared views between Norway and the EU on foreign policy, and mentioned a series of shared interests such as migration, the Arctic, maritime security, and ocean governance.