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  1. 20/12/2017

    Implementing the EU Global Strategy - Year 2

    Building on the progress made in the first year of implementing the EU Global Strategy the EU member States agreed to add two new priorities for implementing the EU Global Strategy. In a strategic environment where we can no longer take our rules based order and shared values for granted, supporting global governance and the United Nations in particular will be an additional priority for the European union. A second priority will be to support regional organisations and other forms of regional cooperation both within and outside Europe. This kind of cooperation is in the DNA of the European Union and will be crucial to advance peace and prosperity in its neighbourhood and beyond.

    Member States agreed that the EU should continue to strengthen its cooperation in all the fields identified as priorities.  In security and defence, where implementing the EUGS has already brought concrete results with the Member States' recent decision to launch an ambitious and inclusive permanent structured cooperation (PESCO). The Council further emphasised the areas of the internal / external nexus, migration, counter-terrorism, and countering hybrid threats as being key to the implementation of the EU Global Strategy. Strengthening the resilience of partner countries - particularly in Europe's neighbourhood - and the Union's integrated approach as well as strategic communications and public diplomacy continue to be priorities.