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HRVP Federica Mogherini outlines EU contribution to Global Rules

HRVP Federica Mogherini outlines EU contribution to Global Rules

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Seminar The EU’s Contribution to Common Global Rules: Challenges in an Age of Power Shifts - The Hague, 8 Dec 2015 On 8 December

The Hague Institute for Global Justice in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands organised a public conference on the EU's contribution to global rules based order. The conference was organised I the context of the public outreach on the EU Global Strategy and featured speeches by HRVP Mogherini and the Dutch Foreign Minister Koenders. They were followed by a public panel and four breakout sessions on strengthening global governance and common rules for global challenges. The seminar focused on EU options to contribute to the global multilateral system to make it fit for purpose and the importance of the UN system, recognising the necessity of reform. In their keynote speeches HRVP Mogherini and FM Koenders underlined the strong interest Europeans have in a rules-based international system that is capable of responding effectively to pressing and complex problems.

Today the global system of norms and institutions established following the Second World War are facing significant challenges. Power shifts to new and emerging powers and power diffusion from governments to non state actors require a rethinking of the international order. New forms of partnerships and rules making will be needed. Without investment and reforms, multilateral institutions will lose their relevance. That is why the EU will need to be active and creative in forging a modern agenda on global governance.

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