Watch: 'The Perfect Match!' Seminar

EU Olive Oil & Table Olives Seminar - European & Japanese Food: The Perfect Match!
FOODEX JAPAN in Kansai 2021

A seminar dedicated to European Olive Oil and Table Olive products was held at FOODEX JAPAN in Kansai 2021 as part of the EU's ' European & Japanese Food: The Perfect Match!' campaign.

Held on 16 July, the seminar focused on the unique qualities of European Olive Oil and Table Olives that make them such a perfect match for Japanese ingredients, while also giving industry representatives a deeper understanding of the safety, quality and authenticity of EU products thanks to their deep connections to origins and traditional production methods. 

The session began with a presentation on safety, quality and Geographical Indications (GIs), as well as latest developments since the sigining of the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). Italian cooking specialist and certified olive oil taster Nori Ogido spoke on the characteristics and benefits of EU olive oil and table olive products and shared insights into their promotion in Japan in the context of the Perfect Match! campaign.

Bringing the products to life was local chef and restaurant owner Keisuke Ogido, who was on hand to present a unique Perfect Match! recipe created for the campaign, innovatively pairing EU olive oil and table olive products with Japanese ingredients.

For those who couldn't join us in person for this event, Foodex Japan has a video recording of the seminar available to watch.

Watch the video here.

The European Union would like to thank all 49 representatives from the Japanese food sector, including importers, buyers and HoReCa members, who took part to discover why European olive products are the perfect match for customers in Japan.