EU Dairy Seminars - European & Japanese Food: The Perfect Match!

FOOD STYLE Kansai 2021

Two seminars dedicated to European dairy products were held at FOOD STYLE Kansai 2021 as part of the EU's ' European & Japanese Food: The Perfect Match!' campaign.

Held on 16 and 17 June, the seminars focused on EU dairy in general, while shining a light on cheese made from cow's milk and cheese made from goat and sheep's milk respectively, giving industry representatives a deeper understanding of the safety, quality and authenticity of EU dairy products thanks to their deep connections to origins and traditional production methods. 

Each session began with a presentation on safety, quality and Geographical Indications (GIs), as well as latest developments since the sigining of the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). Industry expert Izumi Shiga from Sekai Cheese Shokai then spoke on the benefits of EU food products and shared insights into their promotion in Japan in the context of the Perfect Match! campaign.

Adding flavour to the events were popular local chefs Tetsuo Takenaka and Michiaki Ito who each presented two unique Perfect Match! recipes created for the campaign, pairing EU dairy products with Japanese ingredients.

The European Union would like to thank all 66 representatives from the Japanese food sector, including importers, buyers and HoReCa members, who took part to discover why European dairy products are the perfect match for customers in Japan.