European Year for Development

European Year for Development



The mandate of EDUCON is to facilitate sharing of know-how to developing countries. Since 2004 is EDUCON one of the national coordinators of the campaign Czechia against Poverty. EDUCON is also involved in EU projects for the MDGs.

About us

EDUCON is a non-governmental, non-political, non-profit association of citizens, individual and legal persons. The mandate of EDUCON is to facilitate sharing of know-how, information and experience from various areas of the Czech Republic economy, including providing technical assistance to developing and transition countries. Its goal is to improve the level of knowledge and know-how of managers and specialists from institutions, educational organisations, non-governmental and private sector from the Czech Republic and from developing and transition countries.

Since its start in 2005 is EDUCON one of the coordinators of the campaign Czechia against Poverty (Česko proti chudobě) - Czech version of the global campaign Make Poverty History. The campaign is a coalition of NGOs and other organizations which work together to raise awareness of global poverty and achieve policy change by the government. It focus on issues relating to Millennium Development Goal (MDGs). Its main symbol is a white ribbon. More on

EDUCON is a member of the Czech climate coalition and a founding member of the Czech Development Cooperation Forum, an interest group of legal persons, associating Czech non-government organizations acting in the area of the international development cooperation, development education and humanitarian assistance.

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