3rd Fascination of Plants Day

Mar, 6 Ottobre 2015 to Mer, 7 Ottobre 2015

Leading DG / Organisation: EPSO & Plants for the Future ETP

Event title: 3rd Fascination of Plants Day

Interactive exhibition encompassing various uses of plants for food and nutritional security, reducing the environmental footprint of agriculture etc. Presenting and discussing societal challenges and the various plant breeding technologies which can help to address them, including conventional breeding, new breeding technologies and GM. The exhibitors will be from academia, industry and farmers in the Plants for the Future European Technology Platform. The exhibition is attracting the general public, especially young people (e.g. school children and students), policy makers and the media.

Location:  BNL, Piazza San Fedele 1/3, 20121 Milan, city centre

Speakers / VIPs: Exhibitors from Europe (incl. academia from EPSO, industry and farmers from the Plants for the Future ETP)

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