European Union

Have your say on EU policies

Have your say on EU policies

Want to get involved in European policy making? There are a number of ways of doing just that:

European Citizens' Initiative

Ask the European Commission to propose legislation on an issue you care about – through an ECI. To show it has widespread support, your initiative will need to be signed by a million EU citizens, from at least a quarter of EU member countries (7 out of the 28).

Public consultations

When the Commission starts working on a new policy initiative or revises existing legislation, it usually opens a public consultation.

Individuals, businesses and other organisations with an interest in or expert knowledge on a given topic can help shape the Commission's draft proposal before it goes to the Council and European Parliament for discussion and adoption.

Citizen's Dialogue

Citizens' Dialogues are held in cities across the EU, to listen to people’s views and discuss issues people are concerned about.

Petitions to the European Parliament

EU citizens and residents, as well as companies and other organisations headquartered in the EU may petition Parliament on issues related to EU policy that affect them directly.

Commission at Work – Notifications

To be notified by e-mail of new roadmaps and/or public consultations, subscribe to Commission at Work – Notifications.

Transparency Register

If you represent an organization or you are a self-employed individual involved in activities that influence the EU institutions' policymaking and decision-making processes, subscribe to the EU Transparency Register.

Formal complaints

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