European Union

Interinstitutional bodies

Interinstitutional bodies

Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)

The Computer Emergency Resonse Team (CERT) became fully operational in September 2012.

CERT's remit is to help manage threats to EU institutions' computer systems – supporting IT security teams in each EU Institution and liaising with public-sector CERT counterparts in EU countries.

European School of Administration

The European School of Administration was set up on 10 February 2005. Its task is to provide training in specific areas for members of EU staff. Its courses are open to staff of all the EU institutions, thereby helping spread common values, promoting better understanding among EU staff and achieving economies of scale. It works in close cooperation with the training departments of all the institutions to avoid any duplication of effort.

European Personnel Selection Office

The European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) became operational in January 2003. Its task is to set competitive examinations for recruiting staff to work in all the EU institutions. This is more efficient than having each institution organise its own recruitment competitions. EPSO’s annual budget of roughly €21 million is 11% less than what the EU institutions used to spend on recruitment.

Publications Office

The full name of this body is the Publications Office of the European Union. It acts as the publishing house for the EU institutions, producing and distributing all official European Union publications, on paper and in digital form.

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