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European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA)

European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA)


  • Role: ENISA is a centre of expertise for cyber security in Europe
  • Director: Udo Helmbrecht
  • Established in: 2004
  • Number of staff: : 65
  • Location: Headquarters in Heraklion (Greece), office in Athens (Greece)
  • Website: ENISA

ENISA, the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity, is a centre of expertise for cyber security in Europe. ENISA helps the EU and EU countries to be better equipped and prepared to prevent, detect and respond to information security problems.

What it does

ENISA provides practical advice and solutions for the public and private sector in EU countries and for the EU institutions. This includes:

ENISA also publishes reports and studies on cyber security issues. It has produced studies on:

ENISA helps to draft EU policy and law on network and information security. This also contributes to economic growth in Europe’s internal market.

More information about ENISA's work in its annual work programme


As laid down in the EU Regulations No 460/2004 and No 526/2013 concerning the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity, the bodies of the Agency comprise an Executive Director, a Management Board, an Executive Board and a Permanent Stakeholders group.

How it works

ENISA’s daily work is set out in the Agency’s annual work programme which is drawn up every year after wide-ranging consultations with ENISA’s Management and Executive Board.

ENISA has also developed a strong network of stakeholders in both the public and private sector and seeks to achieve:

  • Expertise: anticipate and support Europe in facing emerging network and information security challenges taking into account evolutions of the digital environment
  • Policy: to assist the Member States and the Union Institutions in developing and implementing policies necessary to meet legal and regulatory requirements of NIS
  • Capacity: to support Europe in enhancing state-of-the-art network and information security capacities
  • Community: to enhance cooperation both between the Member States and between related NIS communities

ENISA also works together closely on joint research and communication activities with the European Police Office (Europol) and the European Cyber Crime Centre (EC3).

The Agency also supports other EU agencies such as:

Who benefits

ENISA’s main target group is public sector organisations, specifically:

  • the governments of EU countries
  • EU institutions.

The Agency also serves:

  • the ICT industry (telecoms, internet service providers and IT companies)
  • the business community, especially small businesses
  • network and information security specialists, such as computer emergency response teams
  • academia
  • the public.
Contact details

European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA)

Contact details


Science and Technology Park of Crete (ITE)

Vassilika Vouton

GR-700 13 Ηeraklion


+30 28 14 40 9710
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