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European Maritime Safety Agency

European Maritime Safety Agency

EMSA provides technical assistance and support to the EU and member countries in developing and implementing EU laws on maritime safety, pollution from shipping and maritime security.

EMSA also has responsibilities in oil spill prevention and response, vessel monitoring and long range identification and tracking of vessels (LRIT).

EMSA activities

Technical inspections:

  • helping evaluate Classification Societies listed as ‘Recognised Organisations’ by EU member countries
  • helping evaluate maritime education and certification systems in non EU countries
  • checking that ships calling at EU ports are adequately inspected
  • inspecting national vessel traffic monitoring systems, and port waste reception facilities and handling plans in the EU
  • providing assistance in achieving consistent investigation of marine accidents throughout the whole EU
  • training and exchange of best practices on maritime safety, security and environmental issues.

Maritime information services:

Marine pollution response:

  • Within hours of a major oil spill, EMSA can dispatch ships to provide at sea oil recovery services to any EU country.
Contact details: 

European Maritime Safety Agency(EMSA)

Contact details


Praça Europa 4

1249-206 Lisbon


+351 21 1209 200
+351 21 1209 210