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The Europass Certificate Supplement

Do you have a vocational qualification, such as an apprenticeship or from a training course? The Europass Certificate Supplement can help you to showcase your vocational qualifications in Europe in a simple and understandable way.

What is the Europass Certificate Supplement?

The Europass Certificate Supplement is a document that provides information that makes it easier for employers and educational institutions to understand your vocational qualification. The Europass Certificate Supplement describes:

  • the purpose of your qualification,
  • its level,
  • its learning outcomes and
  • information on the relevant education system.

When you apply abroad for a job or courses, it can be challenging to explain what you learned during your training. This is where the Europass Certificate Supplement can help you.

How can you get a Europass Certificate Supplement?

You can search for the Europass Certificate Supplement for your vocational qualification in your country database or contact your institution for further information.

View examples of Europass Certificate Supplements

Your vocational qualification + Europass Certificate Supplement = the perfect combination when applying for a job or course in another European country.