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Receive Digital Credentials 

European Digital Credentials for learning (EDC) are digital documented statement containing claims about a person issued by an organisation following a learning experience.

European Digital Credentials for learning can describe:

  • activities (e.g. classes attended),
  • assessments (e.g. projects),
  • achievements (e.g. skills developed),
  • professional entitlements (e.g. registration as a medical doctor) and
  • qualifications.

European Digital Credentials allow learners to keep a track record of their learning and jobseekers to easily apply for job throughout Europe by sampling sharing their digital credentials as part of their job application. 

How to get European Digital Credentials for learning

  • Ask your learning provider (your school, university, or even your employer) if they already support EDC.  
  • If they are EDC implementers, they should be in a position to issue you credentials via an e-mail or direct deposit into your Europass Library

What is my credential wallet?

If you already registered a Europass account, you already have a built-in credential waller. This wallet is similar to a bank account, where third parties can tranfer your learning credentials to. You can give your wallet address to any party for direct credential depositing purposes, but this will not allow them to see the credentials already stored in your wallet.

Where do I find my credentials?

If you have an Europass eportfolio, you find them under ‘Certificates and Diplomas’ in My Library. Other wallet implementers might have a different structural setup.

How do I find my wallet address?

To have your credential directly deposited in your wallet, you can share your wallet address with the organisation that issued your credential.

Your wallet address is displayed in your library over the section titled Certificates and diplomas.

How do I open the credential I received by email?

The email contains a link to open the credential. Alternatively, you may upload the credential yourself.