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Aprender na Finlândia

Informação sobre serviços nacionais e da UE úteis para aprender na Finlândia.

Landscape from Finland

Finnish National Agency for Education



Contact via Email  

Address: PL 380, FI-00531 Helsinki, SUOMI/FINLAND

Telephone: +358 29 533 1000

Serviços nacionais úteis


You can use Studyinfo to plan your studies in Finland and to apply for education.

Opintopolun kautta voit suunnitella omia opintoja ja hakeutua koulutukseen. Genom Studieinfo kan du planera dina studier och söka till utbildningar.

Study in Finland

Study in Finland is targeted at international students interested in the opportunities Finland offers in higher education.

Serviços da UE úteis


The ENIC-NARIC network (with the Council of Europe and UNESCO) supports the recognition of diplomas and periods of study undertaken in other countries.

Your Europe

Your Europe gathers all your rights under one roof.

Eurodesk Finland

Eurodesk is a European youth information network that promotes European awareness and opportunities to go abroad.

Erasmus+ National agency in Finland

The EU works with National Agencies to bring Erasmus+ as close as possible to the participants and make sure it works well across different countries.