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Frequently Asked Questions


I created an EU login account, but I did not receive a confirmation email. What should I do?

A few minutes after completing the form, you should receive an e-mail in your mailbox. If you cannot find the e-mail, check your spam, or junk folder.

Alternatively, check that all the fields in the form have been filled correctly. In case you have mistyped your e-mail address. If this is the case, your only option is to register again. You can create your EU Login credentials. Click on the ‘Create an account’ link on the EU Login main page.

I tried to create an account, but it says that my email is already registered.

This means that you have already created an EU login account. It may have been for another application or webpage that Europass.

Go to Reset your password and provide your e-mail address and follow the on-screen instructions.

I have forgotten my EU login password. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password or you have received an error message stating ‘incorrect password supplied’, then you can request an email to reset your password.

Provide your email address and follow the instructions on the screen. You should now be able to set a new password.

I do not have a smartphone. How do I enable two factor authentication?

If at this point you are not in possession of a smartphone, which can run the EU Login Mobile App, you can use other devices to authenticate or use some of our other authentication options.

You can use any compatible IOS or Android tablet device to install the EU Login Mobile App or you can make use of the other two available authentication options:

  • Security key (such as Yubikey);
  • Trusted platform (such as Window Hello) on your computer.
  • Please find more information on these two options via the EU Login tutorial and on the EU login support pages.

    Where can I download the EU login app?

    You can download the EU Login mobile app from the Google Play store (if you have Android as operative system on your device) or The Apple App Store (if you have iOS as operative system on your device).

    How do I set up the EU login app on a mobile device?

    To set up EU LOGIN mobile app as second authentication method to access the Europass portal, you need to follow 3 steps:

    • Download the app.
    • Set up ‘Mobile devices’ on your EU Login credentials on the ECAS website.
    • Chose the ‘Mobile app + pin’ authentication method.


    Download the app on your device. Once created the account and have successfully authenticated for the first time on the ECAS website, move the mouse over the gear at the top right-hand corner to display the menu and select ‘My Account’.

    Click on ‘Manage my mobile devices’. Click on ‘Add a mobile device’.

    Fill in the required information on the ‘Add a mobile device’ screen. You need to provide a name for your device and set up a four-digit PIN code. 

    Click on the submit button.

    Open the   EU Login app on your phone and select the ‘Initialise’ option. Follow the instructions on-screen and allow access to your camera.

    The QR code scanner will start on your mobile device, and a QR code will be displayed on the screen of your PC.

    Point the camera of your mobile phone to your PC screen until the QR code is recognised.

    In the ‘Authenticate’ screen, enter the four-digit PIN code you set up earlier and click on ‘Authenticate’.

    A success message will be displayed on your device, confirming the setup of your mobile device with EU Login.

    Congratulations! Your EU Login mobile app is successfully installed and can be used for authenticating. Click on ‘Continue’ to be redirected to the welcome screen.

    Can I use the same device with the EU login app to access several Europass accounts?

    No, you can only access one Europass (or EU login) account per device.

    How do I change my EU login app pin code?

    If you lost or forgot your PIN code for EU login mobile app, please follow the instructions below:

    • Open EU login mobile app
    • Go to Settings
    • In the upper right corner, click on the 3 dots (Android) or the wheel (IOS)
    • Click Forgot PIN code
    • Enter your EU login credentials linked to the app
    • Choose a new PIN code 
    Can I use the EU login app without securing my device?

    No, it is not possible to use EU Login Mobile App without securing your device with a pin, pattern or fingerprint.

    How do I sign in using 2FA?

    To sign in, you must first go the Europass portal in the ‘Login’ feature to connect. Then, the option that you have chosen in the setup will be the only one showing to you and it will be very straightforward from then on.

    Enter your password in the ‘Password’ field.

    Click the ‘Sign in’ button.

    On your phone, the EU Login mobile app PIN code opens automatically and prompts you to enter your PIN code.

    Enter your PIN code and tap on ‘Authenticate’.

    If the app is active (in the foreground), it will automatically redirect you to the browser selector.

    If the app is in the background, a notification is displayed on your device. Please accept this notification to be redirected successfully.

    Why are you enabling two factor authentication?

    Enabling Two-factor authentication (2FA) is one of the most effective measures to combat credential theft. It requires a second piece of information beyond username and password. This can be a knowledge factor (something the user knows e.g. a PIN), a possession factor (something the user has e.g. a security token, a mobile device or smartphone app) or a biometric factor (e.g. fingerprints, facial and voice recognition). By providing a second layer of authentication, 2FA increases the security of data to a much greater extend. If, for instance, a password is compromised, it offers another layer of protection to block unauthorized access.

    The European Commission has set the use of 2FA, particularly EU Login 2FA, mandatory for its IT systems handling Sensitive Non-Classified (SNC) information and strongly recommended for its IT systems handling ‘Publicly available’ and ‘Commission use’ information.

    Why should I use 2FA?

    Using 2FA ensures additional data security and reduces fraudulent activities. This way, you can access your account from any system or environment without any risk to your personal and sensitive data.

    Where do I find the QR code?

    First, on your desktop device, you need to add a mobile device to your EU login account. Open a browser on your PC and follow this link.

    You will be prompted to authenticate. Then click on "Add a mobile device" in the browser on your PC. Once you have followed the steps through, a QR code will be generated.  You can find further details on page 12 of the user guide.

    My QR code reader states that the code is invalid. What do I do?

    Note that you need to read the QR code with the EU login app, not with your regular QR code reader.

    I am already using eID to log in to Europass. Do I need to activate it as a second factor?

    No, if you are already using eID to sign in to Europass, you can continue logging in as you have previously. You do not need to activate two factor authentication separately.

    How do I activate eID as a second factor for authentication?

    To link your eID (electronic ID) to your EU Login account:

    • Log into your EU login account,
    • Go to your settings and click on Link my eID.

    This option can link your national electronic identity card to your EU Login account.

    Then, complete the process according to the steps explained in the instructions document.

    Templates Tal-Europass

    X’inhu l-Qafas Komuni Ewropew għal-Lingwi (QKERL)?

    Il-Qafas Komuni Ewropew ta’ Referenza għal-Lingwi hu linja gwida mill-Kunsill tal-Ewropa użata biex tiddeskrivi l-kisbiet ta’ studenti ta’ lingwi barranin. Il-QKERL jipprovdi metodu ta’ apprendiment, tagħlim u valutazzjoni li japplika għal-lingwi kollha fl-Ewropa. Il-QKERL jinkludi sitt livelli ta’ referenza, li jintużaw fl-Ewropa kollha biex wieħed jifhem il-profiċjenza tal-lingwa. Il-grilja ta’ awtovalutazzjoni tal-QKERL tintuża fil-profil tal-Europass biex tgħin lin-nies jivvalutaw b’mod awtonomu l-profiċjenza fil-lingwa tagħhom.

    X’inhi l-Mobbiltà tal-Europass?

    Il-Mobbiltà tal-Europass tista’ tgħinek turi l-ħiliet miksuba matul l-esperjenza ta’ mobbiltà tiegħek f’pajjiż ieħor.

    X’inhu s-Suppliment tal-Europass għaċ-Ċertifikat?

    Is-Suppliment tal-Europass għaċ-Ċertifikat jista’ jgħinek tiddeskrivi l-kwalifiki tal-edukazzjoni u t-taħriġ vokazzjonali tiegħek b’mod ċar u konsistenti.

    X’inhu s-Suppliment għad-Diploma?

    Is-Suppliment għad-Diploma jista’ jgħinek tiddeskrivi l-kwalifiki tal-edukazzjoni u t-taħriġ vokazzjonali tiegħek b’mod ċar u konsistenti.

    X’ġara mill-Passaport tal-Lingwi Europass?

    Il-Passaport tal-Lingwi Europass ġie stabbilit bħala wieħed mit-templates tad-dokument Europass fl-2004 bħala għodda ta’ awtovalutazzjoni għall-ħiliet u l-kwalifiki tal-lingwa.

    Il-Europass kurrenti integra l-passaport tal-lingwi fi ħdan il-profil tal-Europass bħala taqsima msejħa ħiliet lingwistiċi. Għadek tista’ tagħmel awtovalutazzjoni tal-ħiliet lingwistiċi tiegħek abbażi tal-Qafas Komuni Ewropew ta' Referenza għal-Lingwi (QKERL) u tista’ tixxerja r-riżultati tiegħek mal-impjegaturi jew mal-istituzzjonijiet edukattivi kif meħtieġ.

    Kif tagħmel awtovalutazzjoni tal-ħiliet lingwistiċi tiegħek?

    Tista’ tagħmel awtovalutazzjoni tal-ħiliet lingwistiċi tiegħek fil-profil tal-Europass. Li tagħmel awtovalutazzjoni tal-ħiliet tiegħek ifisser li tirrifletti fuq il-ħiliet tiegħek, u tiddeskrivi l-livelli tal-ħiliet tiegħek. Tista’ timla tabella sempliċi ta’ awtovalutazzjoni fil-profil tal-Europass biex tiddeskrivi l-ħiliet lingwistiċi tiegħek. Tista’ taqra kull waħda mid-deskrizzjonijiet fl-għodda ta’ awtovalutazzjoni u tagħżel il-livell li taħseb li jiddeskrivi bl-aħjar mod is-smigħ, il-qari, l-interazzjoni mitkellma, il-ħiliet tal-produzzjoni mitkellma u tal-kitba tiegħek fi kwalunkwe lingwa. Int tista’ taħżen ukoll iċ-ċertifikati tal-lingwa fil-Librerija tal-Europass. L-għodda ta’ awtovalutazzjoni tuża l-Qafas Komuni Ewropew għal-Lingwi (QKERL).

    Tista’ tixxerja t-tabella ta’ awtovalutazzjoni mill-profil tal-Europass tiegħek biex tixxerjaha ma’ oħrajn bħall-impjegaturi, l-istituzzjonijiet tal-edukazzjoni jew tat-taħriġ.

    Kif niddeskrivi l-ħiliet diġitali tiegħi.

    Tista’ telenka, u torganizza, il-ħiliet diġitali tiegħek fil-profil tal-Europass. Tista’ toħloq lista tal-ħiliet diġitali kollha tiegħek, inklużi għodod u software li tista’ tuża, kif ukoll proġetti jew kisbiet li inti kburi bihom. Tista’ tiddeskrivi l-għodda li tuża fix-xogħol tiegħek jew l-istudji tiegħek, kif ukoll l-għodda li tuża fil-ħin tiegħek (eż. il-media soċjali, il-blogging, il-logħob). Tista’ wkoll torganizza l-ħiliet tiegħek fi gruppi differenti, eż. toħloq grupp ta’ għodod diġitali li tuża għad-disinn; jew ħiliet diġitali li tuża fix-xogħol tiegħek, jew saħansitra lista ta’ ħiliet diġitali li tixtieq tiżviluppa.

    X’inhu l-Passaport ta' Ħiliet tal-Europass?

    Il-Passaport ta' Ħiliet tal-Europass kien għodda offruta permezz tal-Europass sal-2019. Hu ppermetta lill-utenti joħolqu ġabra ta’ dokumenti f’fajl wieħed. Madankollu, il-Passaport ta' Ħiliet tal-Europass ma għadux jiġi offrut, l-utenti ewlenin tal-Europass issa jistgħu jixxerjaw id-dokumenti mil-Librerija tal-Europass tagħhom.

    Appoġġ U Informazzjoni

    X’inhu l-Qafas Ewropew tal-Kwalifiki (QEK)?

    Il-Qafas Ewropew tal-Kwalifiki (QEK) hu għodda tal-UE li tagħmel il-kwalifiki aktar komprensibbli fost il-pajjiżi u s-sistemi. Il-QEK jippermetti li l-kwalifiki miksuba fi kwalunkwe pajjiż Ewropew jiġu mifhuma permezz ta’ sistema sempliċi ta’ tmien livelli. L-informazzjoni dwar il-QEK tista’ tiġi inkluża fid-diplomi tal-kwalifika tiegħek, fis-Suppliment għad-Diploma jew fis-Suppliment għaċ-Ċertifikat tiegħek. Tista’ tinkludi informazzjoni dwar il-livell tal-QEK tal-kwalifika tiegħek fis-CV u l-applikazzjonijiet tiegħek biex tgħin lill-impjegaturi jew lill-istituzzjonijiet edukattivi u ta’ taħriġ f’pajjiżi oħrajn jifhmu l-kwalifiki tiegħek.