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What is ESCO and how is it used in Europass?

ESCO (European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations) is the European multilingual classification of Skills, Competences and Occupations.     ESCO works as a dictionary, describing, identifying and classifying professional occupations and skills relevant for the EU labour market and education and training.                       

ESCO provides descriptions of 2942 occupations and 13.485 skills linked to these occupations, translated into 27 languages (all official EU languages plus Icelandic, Norwegian and Arabic).     Europass uses ESCO in three ways:  1) Europass users have a pre-pefined list of occupations which they can choose from in their Work Experience section of their profile or CV.  2) ESCO also provides full descriptions of occupations when you choose to click on the "eye" icon. You can then click on the "Learn more" button, which will redirect you to the full information about the specific occupation.

What is accreditation?

Accreditation in the Europass context is the quality assurance or licensing of an organisation or a qualification. An accreditation instance within the Europass context can be used to specify information about two types of Accreditation.

  • Institutional licensing: quality assurance and/or licensing at the level of an organisation. It implies permission for the institution to operate (e.g., issuing a qualification) and is awarded by Public Authorities or delegates thereof.
  • Programme/qualification accreditation: permission to provide a specific programme or qualification. Describes a licensing procedure applied at the level of one or several programmes/qualifications. It implies permission for an institution to provide specific Programmes/Qualifications and is awarded by Public Authorities or delegates thereof.
What is the Qualifications Dataset Register (QDR)?

National authorities can prepare and publish qualifications, accreditation and learning opportunities in Europass through the Qualifications Dataset Register (QDR) platform. The QDR is a tool developed by the Commission to support national authorities to publish their data as ‘linked open data’ which can be published, connected and used more easily.

Europass CV and cover letter editor

Which fields are compulsory in the Cover Letter editor?

In order to create your cover letter, the following fields are compulsory:

- language of the cover letter.

- date format.

- first name(s).

- last name(s).

- subject.

- opening salutations (please fill both boxes, even if only one of them is indicated as mandatory).

- your name (in the "closing" section).


The other fields are not compulsory. However, if you fill in the phone number box, you also have to fill in the country code. If you fill in an address you also have to select a country.

How can I add attachments to my Europass CV?

You can share your documents directly from the Europass Library or add a section on your Europass CV with the link to document(s) from your Europass Library.

Sharing document(s) from your Europass Library as a registered user:

  • Step 1: Select the document(s) you want to share by clicking on the checkbox (top left of each document).
  • Step 2:Choose “Share”. from the options.       
  • Step 3: You can choose to adjust the duration of how long people who you’ve shared this link with can view your document(s)  on the popup that appears.
  • Step 4: Click on the “Generate a link” button.

You will get a unique link that you can share with those you want to.

You can also add this link to your Europass CV. 

Please note that documents that you upload to the Europass library will not be automatically included in your Europass CV.

How can I reorder the main sections on my CV?

You can reorder the main sections (education, work experiences) or the sub-sections (individual work experiences)sections manually to display them in the order you want.

To move an entire section

  • Click on the blue arrows you see on the left side of that section.

To move items within a section:

  • Move your mouse to the left of that item. Your cursor will take a different shape (a cross/plus). You can then click, hold and move it up or down (drag and drop) depending on where you want to place that item.
How to unpublish my Europass CV that I published on EURES?


To unpublish your Europass CV from EURES you need to:

  •  Log in to your Europass account.
  • Select "Unpublish your CV on EURES" under "Account Settings",
  • Click "Unpublish CV"  on the popup that appears asking if you are sure you want to unpublish your CV on EURES.

Using Europass

Is there a record of all the times that Europass had technical issues?

Yes, if you were not able to use Europass due to instability, you can refer to the Error Log Page for reference. It lists the dates and times when Europass had full or partial inaccessibility, due to planned technical maintenance or unexpected technical problems.

I shared my Europass information via a hyperlink. How can I deactivate that link?
  • Login to your Europass account 
  • Go to the “activity feed” section under the “Me” button.
  • Click on edit (the icon in the shape of a pen on the right) of the specific link.
  • Select “unpublish link” to deactivate that link.
How can I get jobs and course suggestions?

Europass offers jobs and course suggestions by matching them with the skills and interests that you have provided on your profile and the "my skills"  or "my interest"  tools. 

  • Select the "Settings" option under the “Me” button.
  • Click on "Customise suggestion settings".
  • On "Manage suggestions", click on edit.

Switch the button on the right to ON to be able to receive job and course suggestions. You will be able to see personalised suggestions on your Europass dashboard.

Don’t forget to save the changes!


X’inhu l-Passaport ta' Ħiliet tal-Europass?

Il-Passaport ta' Ħiliet tal-Europass kien għodda offruta permezz tal-Europass sal-2019. Hu ppermetta lill-utenti joħolqu ġabra ta’ dokumenti f’fajl wieħed. Madankollu, il-Passaport ta' Ħiliet tal-Europass ma għadux jiġi offrut, l-utenti ewlenin tal-Europass issa jistgħu jixxerjaw id-dokumenti mil-Librerija tal-Europass tagħhom.

Kif niddeskrivi l-ħiliet diġitali tiegħi.

Tista’ telenka, u torganizza, il-ħiliet diġitali tiegħek fil-profil tal-Europass. Tista’ toħloq lista tal-ħiliet diġitali kollha tiegħek, inklużi għodod u software li tista’ tuża, kif ukoll proġetti jew kisbiet li inti kburi bihom. Tista’ tiddeskrivi l-għodda li tuża fix-xogħol tiegħek jew l-istudji tiegħek, kif ukoll l-għodda li tuża fil-ħin tiegħek (eż. il-media soċjali, il-blogging, il-logħob). Tista’ wkoll torganizza l-ħiliet tiegħek fi gruppi differenti, eż. toħloq grupp ta’ għodod diġitali li tuża għad-disinn; jew ħiliet diġitali li tuża fix-xogħol tiegħek, jew saħansitra lista ta’ ħiliet diġitali li tixtieq tiżviluppa.

Kif tagħmel awtovalutazzjoni tal-ħiliet lingwistiċi tiegħek?

Tista’ tagħmel awtovalutazzjoni tal-ħiliet lingwistiċi tiegħek fil-profil tal-Europass. Li tagħmel awtovalutazzjoni tal-ħiliet tiegħek ifisser li tirrifletti fuq il-ħiliet tiegħek, u tiddeskrivi l-livelli tal-ħiliet tiegħek. Tista’ timla tabella sempliċi ta’ awtovalutazzjoni fil-profil tal-Europass biex tiddeskrivi l-ħiliet lingwistiċi tiegħek. Tista’ taqra kull waħda mid-deskrizzjonijiet fl-għodda ta’ awtovalutazzjoni u tagħżel il-livell li taħseb li jiddeskrivi bl-aħjar mod is-smigħ, il-qari, l-interazzjoni mitkellma, il-ħiliet tal-produzzjoni mitkellma u tal-kitba tiegħek fi kwalunkwe lingwa. Int tista’ taħżen ukoll iċ-ċertifikati tal-lingwa fil-Librerija tal-Europass. L-għodda ta’ awtovalutazzjoni tuża l-Qafas Komuni Ewropew għal-Lingwi (QKERL).

Tista’ tixxerja t-tabella ta’ awtovalutazzjoni mill-profil tal-Europass tiegħek biex tixxerjaha ma’ oħrajn bħall-impjegaturi, l-istituzzjonijiet tal-edukazzjoni jew tat-taħriġ.

X’ġara mill-Passaport tal-Lingwi Europass?

Il-Passaport tal-Lingwi Europass ġie stabbilit bħala wieħed mit-templates tad-dokument Europass fl-2004 bħala għodda ta’ awtovalutazzjoni għall-ħiliet u l-kwalifiki tal-lingwa.

Il-Europass kurrenti integra l-passaport tal-lingwi fi ħdan il-profil tal-Europass bħala taqsima msejħa ħiliet lingwistiċi. Għadek tista’ tagħmel awtovalutazzjoni tal-ħiliet lingwistiċi tiegħek abbażi tal-Qafas Komuni Ewropew ta' Referenza għal-Lingwi (QKERL) u tista’ tixxerja r-riżultati tiegħek mal-impjegaturi jew mal-istituzzjonijiet edukattivi kif meħtieġ.

X’inhu s-Suppliment għad-Diploma?

Is-Suppliment għad-Diploma jista’ jgħinek tiddeskrivi l-kwalifiki tal-edukazzjoni u t-taħriġ vokazzjonali tiegħek b’mod ċar u konsistenti.

X’inhu s-Suppliment tal-Europass għaċ-Ċertifikat?

Is-Suppliment tal-Europass għaċ-Ċertifikat jista’ jgħinek tiddeskrivi l-kwalifiki tal-edukazzjoni u t-taħriġ vokazzjonali tiegħek b’mod ċar u konsistenti.

X’inhi l-Mobbiltà tal-Europass?

Il-Mobbiltà tal-Europass tista’ tgħinek turi l-ħiliet miksuba matul l-esperjenza ta’ mobbiltà tiegħek f’pajjiż ieħor.


Il-Europass il-ġdid tneda f’Lulju 2020. Nista’ xorta waħda nuża s-CVs u l-ittri ta’ akkumpanjament tal-Europass qabel dan il-waqt?

Jekk ħloqt CV tal-Europass jew Ittra ta’ Akkumpanjament qabel Lulju 2020 tista’ timporta dawn id-dokumenti fl-Editur Online biex teditjahom. Tista’ wkoll tirreġistra biex toħloq il-profil u taħżen id-dokumenti tal-Europass tiegħek fil-Librerija tal-Europass sabiex tkun tista’ taċċessa u tixxerja d-dokumenti tiegħek minn post wieħed.

Kif nissejvja s-CV tal-Europass tiegħi?

Dejjem se tkun notifikat dwar l-għażliet li għandek wara li tlesti s-CV tiegħek:

Bħala utent reġistrat, tista’ tiddawnlowdjaha fl-apparat lokali tiegħek jew taħżinha fil-Librerija tal-Europass tiegħek.

Bħala mistieden, tista’ tiddawnlowdjaha fl-apparat lokali tiegħek.

Il-Europass jista’ jittraduċi s-CV tal-Europass u l-Ittra ta’ Akkumpanjament tiegħi?

Tista’ toħloq il-profil tal-Europass tiegħek, CV tal-Europass u Ittra ta’ Akkumpanjament f’29 lingwa differenti. Madankollu, il-Europass ma jittraduċix l-informazzjoni li inti diġà pprovdejt fil-profil tiegħek jew fid-dokumenti tiegħek.

Nista’ noħloq verżjonijiet differenti tas-CV tiegħi tal-Europass?

Tista’ toħloq verżjonijiet differenti tas-CV tiegħek tal-Europass. Tista’ wkoll tagħmel użu mit-templates viżivi differenti disponibbli. L-utenti reġistrati jistgħu jaħżnu l-verżjonijiet differenti fil-Librerija tal-Europass tagħhom. L-utenti mistiedna jistgħu jiddawnlowdjaw il-verżjonijiet differenti tas-CV tal-Europass tagħhom u jaġġornawhom aktar tard.

Tlift is-CV tal-Europass tiegħi. X'nista' nagħmel?

Jekk int mistieden, l-informazzjoni li ddaħħal fil-profil tal-Europass se tkun disponibbli għal 48 siegħa wara l-aħħar żjara.

Bħala utent reġistrat, l-informazzjoni tiegħek se tiġi ssejvjata għal żmien itwal u tista’ tissejvja s-CVs tal-Europass u l-Ittri ta’ Akkumpanjament fil-Librerija tiegħek.

Nista’ nippersonalizza s-CV tal-Europass tiegħi?

Bl-editur tas-CV tal-Europass tiegħek tista’ żżid, tneħħi u teditja t-taqsimiet tas-CV kif tixtieq. Taqsimiet bħal “Esperjenza ta’ xogħol” u “Edukazzjoni u taħriġ” jistgħu jiġu mċaqalqin, editjati jew imneħħijin. Tista’ wkoll toħloq taqsimiet personalizzati, bl-ismijiet li tagħżel, skont il-ħtiġijiet u l-esperjenzi tiegħek.

Wara li timla t-taqsimiet preferuti, tkun tista’ tagħżel format ta’ CV xieraq minn lista ta’ templates differenti. Dan jippermettilek taġġusta d-dehra u s-sensazzjoni ta’ kull CV għal kull applikazzjoni.

Fejn nista’ naġġorna s-CV tal-Europass tiegħi?

Jekk int utent reġistrat, tista’ taħżen is-CV tal-Europass tiegħek fil-Librerija tal-Europass tiegħek u teditjah fi kwalunkwe ħin. Jekk int utent mistieden, tista’ timporta l-Europass tiegħek fl-Editur Online u tagħmel kull tibdil li għandek bżonn u tiddawnlowdja s-CV mill-ġdid.

Fejn nista’ naħżen is-CV tal-Europass tiegħi?

Tista’ taħżen is-CV tal-Europass tiegħek bil-modi li ġejjin:

  • Fil-Librerija tal-Europass tiegħek (utenti reġistrati biss)
  • Iddawnlowdjah fl-apparat lokali tiegħek (desktop jew apparat mobbli)