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Using European Digital Credentials for Learning

How to access, view, share and download European Digital Credentials for Learning.

Accessing European Digital Credentials for Learning

Credential owners can decide to share their European Digital Credentials for Learning with a third party, for example a prospective employer. If they do, the third party will be able to view the shared credential the same way as it was demonstrated.


Screenshot of Library


Viewing European Digital Credentials for Learning

Credentials uploaded on Europass will always open in the EDCI Viewer.  The credential holder can also upload the xml file they received from the issuer directly themselves into the Viewer, and instantly see some highlighted data as if they were looking at a pdf scan of a traditional paper-based certificate. By clicking on the “Credential Details” button they can browse and see additional details, such as information about the issuing organisation, their own personal data, and descriptions and grades related to their achievements, activities and entitlements.


Verifying European Digital Credentials for Learning

The opening screen on the Credential Details View is the “Authentication and Verification Check” list. Note that if an institution wants to issue legally admissible digital credentials that pass the EDC Seal verification check, one of the technical prerequisites is that it has to have a so-called qualified electronic seal. You can find further information on this here.

Once a digital credential has been successfully awarded via an EDC-compliant issuer platform, the instant and automatic authentication and verification checks will inform credential viewers (in real time) of the credential’s validity. As soon as a credential expires, or if the electronic document was tempered with, the corresponding check will show a red V symbol and a short description of the check outcome. In case all crucial checks are passed, a concluding VERIFIED ribbon is displayed, otherwise you will receive a ! PARTIALLY VERIFIED message.

Screenshot of the different error messages


Some of these checks may have special relevance and value in certain cases.

For example, while some credentials never expire, others might have to be renewed periodically, so if an expiry date is set in the metadata, the “Validity” check will show if the credential is still valid or not.

In other cases certain special credentials can only be issued by legally authorised or accredited entities. The “Accreditation” check will provide information about this credential status.


Format Check
Format check explanation



Seal Check
Seal check


Owner Check


Revocation Check


Accreditation Check


Validity Check


Exporting European Digital Credentials for Learning

 You can export your European Digital Credentials for Learning as a PDF document. You can do this either directly from the Europass library, or from the Viewer, as shown below. 


Screenshot of the Viewer export option.





Should you have any further questions on the use of European Digital Credentials for Learning, you can contact us at :