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Interoperability with EDC

European Digital Credentials for learning (EDC) are trustworthy, digital records of learning achievements such as qualifications and diplomas.

European Digital Credentials for learning are signed by an issuing education and training institution and so have the same legal value as paper-based credentials. Receiving digital credentials is fast and simple. 

Acting on the evident need to shift from paper-based certificates to digitally-signed credentials, the EU is stepping in to assist. The Commission is currently working on the European Digital Credentials Infrastructure which organisations can implement for free to issue digital credentials. The implementation will allow organisations to issue qualifications (like a degree or vocational training), apprenticeships or participation certificates efficiently through a secure, trustworthy and fraud-resistant digital infrastructure.

The European Digital Credential Infrastructure is a set of standards, services and software which allows institutions to issue digital, tamper-proof qualifications and other learning credentials within the European Education Area. With it, learners, employers, education and training providers and other authorised bodies have a simple and trustworthy way of verifying the validity and authenticity of digital credentials.


  • Issue digital credentials: Reduce the cost of issuing secure credentials, eliminate administrative work involved in verifying credentials, and get the automatic support of EU recognition instruments and data privacy best practices.
  • Receive digital credentials: Be more efficient in processing recruitment applications as digital credentials are standardised and paperless, automatically detect tampered or fake credentials, and increase the transparency of credentials.
  • Integrate tools from the European Commission to issue, store, verify and view credentials in your existing software in a format supported across all EU and EEA Member States and compatible with other wallet services.