Work experience

IT Salesforce and Digital Platform Specialist

Carl Zeiss Vision S.p.A.

  • Name of unit or department: IT
  • Business or sector: Human health and social work activities

IT and Administrator support for 33 countries and 2 departments (Sunlens and Ophtalmics) Salesforce systems

  1. Platform: OWD, object mapping, profiles, groups, Lightning pages, flows, SOSQL
  2. Sales cloud: Lead, contact, account and contracts management, KPI reports and dashboards, assignment rules
  3. Service cloud: Case management - Omni-channel, queues and email-to-case
  4. Marketing Cloud: Contact Builder, Automation Studio,Journey Builder (~50 active journeys)
  5. Identity federation: MFA (SF and MS Authenticator) and AD SSO providers
  6. Data migration: Dataloader, Talend Studio for Integration
  7. Monitoring: PRTG System Monitor, Netdata
  8. Data governance: BlindData for entities, OneTrust for consent management
  9. Container management: Docker / Container Runtime Interface
  10. Electronic signature: Formstack with Faber WAM (Italy) and Adobe Sign (international)
  11. Data Analytics: PowerBI

CRM and data integration consultant

BPSoft (2011-2012) / NTT (2012-2017)/ Minsait (2017-2020)

Time material: Sardex, Fiditalia, Nexi, Deutsche Bank, Trentino Digitale, Percassi/KIKO, ACS, Saipem, GEOX, Comune di Milano, Venis, Best Engage.

Member of Sardex's Salesforce migration project (10 people - 6 months)

  1. Platform: OWD, object mapping, profiles, groups, page layouts, Lightning pages, flow processes, data quality, SOSQL, data loader, assignment rules
  2. Sales cloud: Lead and account management (conversion, lead queues), service integration by AppExchange packages (Cerved), KPI reports and dashboards
  3. Service cloud: Case management (record types, case queues), Omni-channel, Email-to-case
  4. Communities: Customer portal, on-boarding landing pages for new prospects
  5. Identity federation with existing authorization (OpenID) and payroll (OAuth2 to SAP S/4HANA) subsystems

On-premise CRM and HR support for both operation and application requests (Oracle Peopletools / Spring - 7 mid-size env - 10 years)

  1. Tables, statistics and indexes maintenance on Oracle and SQL Server databases
  2. Server configuration and hardening on Oracle Linux and Windows Server operating systems
  3. Troubleshooting of performance and data quality issues (obtained -30% of wrong profiling data and charge backs, 10M€ gains in 5 days)

Software developer for CRM service requests (Oracle Peopletools / Spring - 25 WBS - 10 years)

  1. Digital citizenship: ANPR, AppIO, Aesys (Java / ESB - 7 months)
  2. Charge back API integration (Visa Resolve Online)
  3. European data privacy (PCI DSS / GDPR) compliance - 4k contacts
  4. SCRUM developer for public school projects with TDD and CQRS software principles (Spring - 3 months)
  5. Electronic signature: Qualified with Infocert

Operations, development, project estimation and self-service training of 2 third level support teams for internal recruiting (Oracle Peopletools - 4 people - 3 months / vTiger - 10 people - 3 months)

Software developer and web design (freelancer)

DevNet Technology Srl, PTS Combination CO., LTD

  • Italy

Logistics operator

Leonardo (stage)

  • Vergiate, Italy

  1. Delivery notes,inventory logging and material cancellations
  2. Data entry for SAP MM02 internal logistics module

Education and training


Trailhead (6 super badges, 755 badges) | Certified Administrator and Platform App Builder

Istituto Tecnico Industriale Statale

Perito Industrale Capo tecnico, specializzazione informatica

  • 21045, Italy
  • Final grade: 100/100

Politecnico di Milano

Computer science engineering (not completed)

  • Final grade: Completed 108 CFU

Language skills

Mother tongue(s)


Other language(s)


Spoken interaction
Spoken production

Digital skills

  • Problem solving
  • Coaching
  • Graphics Editors (Adobe Photoshop PaintNET)


  • Salesforce
  • Java
  • Linux
  • Relational databases
  • SQL
  • Windows Server