Work experience

Doctoral Researcher

University of Eastern Finland

  • Name of unit or department: School of computing
  • Business or sector: Education

Research topic: Using digital micro certificates in the recognition and validation of skills of the informal sector in Africa

Learning Director


  • Helsinki, Finland

Setting company wide learning agenda and designing the learning experience of users on the Corrsy learning platform.

Founder & CEO

SkillSafari Oy

  • Business or sector: Education

Founder and CEO of SkillSafari, a company that works to create successful careers through recognition and validation of skills with digital micro credentials. Our innovative solution is based on years of experience working with skills development internationally and our dedication to create paths to good careers.

In our “Skills to Badges” approach  we validate skills relevant to employers. Individual skills are presented as digital badges with skills demonstration criteria and issued to individuals meeting the set standard. Our badges are based on international top expertise like the UNESCO framework for teacher ICT skills, Finnish education system, high level research and practical needs of employees.

Managing Partner


  • Helsinki, Finland
  • Business or sector: Education

As members of Edukateam, a group which has been active since 1970, the Finnish and Moroccan Edukaskills companies aim at developing collaborative projects with educational communities around the world, wherever people invest in learning programs as an lever for sustainable development.

Head of Learning

Fuzu Ltd

  • Developing the pedagogic conceptual framework for Fuzu
  • Defining the Fuzu learning experience
  • Overseeing development or aggregation of learning content
  • Development of the skill testing, validation and certification framework
  • Validating 3rd party learning content providers
  • Leading development of the Fuzu career development products
  • Acting as an internal and external thought-leader and advocate, promoting life-long competence based learning.

Partner & VP, Education Services

KOULU Education Group Ltd

  • Business or sector: Education

  • Responsible for setting global educational service strategy and implementing innovative learning solutions worldwide.
  • Design and implementation of teacher pre- and in-service training programs for the K-12 sector.
  • Managing a team of education experts providing services under a school development framework with a focus on quality measurement, staff development, teacher training programs, teacher mentoring programs and consultation services on curriculum development and learning environment design.
  • Key Associate of a taskforce creating a Finnish International School Model, with special focus on the adacemic planning of schools. Special focus on the education plan, curriculum modification and teacher development.
  • Developing a scalable teacher training initiative for emerging countries "Teach like a Finn" with focus on practical classroom skills and methodologies.

Expert, Digital Learning and International Affairs

Omnia, the Joint Authority of Education in the Espoo Region

  • Responsible of and coordinating Human Capacity Building, teacher professional development and learning environment projects in Finland and abroad.
  • Designing and piloting the use of ICT technologies learning (mobile tools, social media, gamification, Virtual Reality…),
  • Developing 21st century learning approaches
  • Leading professional development programs for teachers
  • VET learning environment design projects nationally and internationally.
  • Building partnerships in co-developing learning solutions at an international level. ​

Development Specialist

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

  • Designing and implementing professional developments programs including SME's and educational institutions in Finland.
  • Focus on management training and substance-specific capacity building programs (i.e. ICT, financial administration) ​​
  • Consulting on capacity building in organizations
  • Managing and coordinating The Haaga-Helia online MBA program​

Course and sales coordinator

Expathouse Oy

  • Helsinki, Finland

Managing all ExpatHouse courses from trainer selections, agreeing on course details with customers to follow-up of courses.

Taking care of customer relations

Internal Communication

Managing student projects from Helsinki Business Polytechnic

Updating the customer information base

finding new prospects and adding them to the prospect base

Drafting and sending marketing letters


HOK Elanto

  • Espoo, Finland

Working at the fruits and vegetables section

Working at the bread section

Preparing breads for morning bake, baking breads and sweets.

Evening monitoring of industrial goods and cosmetics sections

Marketing and Development Assistant

S.A.R.L Yvelines Langues

  • Paris, France

Marketing and sales of languages courses (French for foreigners)

Coordination of courses

Administrative duties (invoicing, orders)

Customer service

Website updates (

Assisting in all marketing and development activities including brochure & website design


HOK Elanto

  • Espoo, Finland


Working at the fruits and vegetables section

Working at the bread section

Preparing breads for morning bake, baking breads and sweets.

Evening monitoring of industrial goods and cosmetics sections

Shop cashier


  • Espoo

Working as cashier at Maximarket Leppävaara

Customer service

Eniro Oy Ab

  • Espoo

Working at the Eniro number service. Customer service providing phone numbers for clients calling 118 or 0100100.


Oy L M Ericsson Ab

  • Kirkkonummi, Finland

Working as an administration and personnel assistant at the Product Area Cello Packet Platform and Product Area Cello System I&V. main duties included:

Supporting the Product Area Assistant and the assistant network of the entire Ericsson Finland in various duties

Handling orders

Handling invoices

Keeping the basic personnel data up-to-date

Product Area Intranet updates

Maintaining the time-control system

Assisting the product Area management and entire personnel on current matters

Restaurant Worker, Shift leader

Carrols / Mille's Stable Oy

  • Helsinki, Finland

10.1998-06.1999 Restaurant Worker

06.1999-09.1999 Assistant Shift leader

09.1999-02.2001 Shift leader

Restaurant worker:

Customer service and kitchen work.

Assistant Shift Leader:

The work of the assistant shift leader is similar to the work of a shift leader. In the beginning a new assistant shift leader has an older assistant or shift leader in his/her shift coaching.

Shift leader:

A shift leader is responsible of all the working at the restaurant as well as of the profit. I was also responsible of the weekly orders and recruit of new staff and development of the restaurant.

Education and training

Oulu University of Applied Sciences

Master of Arts and Culture

Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Vocational Teacher Education

Vocational Teacher

Helia Business Polytechnic

Bachelor of International Business Administration

  • Level in EQF: EQF level 6

Continuous Professional Development: Gamification in Learning

Continuous Professional Development: Graphic facilitation in Learning

Continuous Professional Development: Design Thinking in Learning

Continuous Professional Development: Edutech Bootcamp (Educational technologies)

Continuous Professional Development: Edupreneur Bootcamp (Entrepreneurial teaching and learning methods)

Language skills

Mother tongue(s)


Other language(s)


Spoken interaction
Spoken production


Spoken interaction
Spoken production


Spoken interaction
Spoken production


Spoken interaction
Spoken production

Digital skills


  • Google suite
  • Video Conferencing (Zoom Skype Google Hangout)
  • Online Learning Platforms (Moodle Blackboard TalentLMS Vuolearning Claned)
  • Microsoft Office Tools
  • Copyright
  • GDPR
  • Social Media
  • Microsoft Office
  • Zoho One Business Suite
  • video making and video editing
  • Website creation and management
  • Picture editing



Experience of preparing applications for and working in projects funded by i.e.

  • European Union (Twinning, EuropeAid, Erasmus+, European Social Fund)
  • African Development Bank
  • Finnish National Agency of Education
  • Business Finland
  • Finnvera


Please find a list of relevant projects attached.

Organisational skills

Organisational skills

Excellent organizational skills in designing and implementing large capacity building programs.

Leadership and project management skills from working in a number of national and EU level projects, organizing seminars, events and conferences

Team leadership skills from being in a management position for a number of years

Communication and interpersonal skills

Communication and interpersonal skills

Excellent multicultural communications, teamwork and training skills developed in work-related situations, international projects and living and working abroad for 7 years.


Job-related skills

Job-related skills

  • Long experience in research, development and innovations in the education sector both in Finland and abroad.
  • Hands on experience in experiencing and designing learning solution based on novel ICT solutions (AI, VR, mobile learning, gamified learning, social learning...)
  • Over a decades experience in online learning and online learning tools, including good command of number of LMS's. Experienced trainer in online environments
  • A vast understanding on varying views on quality learning in the internatioal scheme, ability to connect varying approaches to create innovative new solutions.
  • Experience project manager in national and international projects
  • Familiar with education development project funding sources

Other skills

Other skills

  • K-12 Finnish International School Concept Development​
  • ​Development of TVET education systems
  • Skills Development programs
  • Design and Implementation of competence based curriculum
  • Collaborative learning solutions
  • Active and student-centered teaching methodologies
  • Integration of ICT into education (Social Media, Mobile Tools, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Gamified solutions…)
  • Further professional training for K-12 and VET teachers
  • Entrepreneurial learning​
  • Recognition of Prior learning through digital micro certificates (Open Badges)

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

  • Global Dialogue on Micro-Credentials, DAAD, 24.06.2022
  • Scaled project Development day - Doing business in Africa 01.03.2022
  • Edukateam in the Digital era! - Le facteur humain au cœur de la performance des organisations 30.04.2021
  • Commonwealth of Learning- Putting the Pieces Together: Getting Started with Micro-Credentials in Global Perspective, 09.03.2021
  • Badge Finland - Open Badge Driven Teacher ICT Skills Validation in Rwanda, 10.12.2020 
  • Open Badge Factory - Badging skills in the new normal, 20.10.2020 
  • PINO Network - Kehitysyhteistyön mahdollisuudet 7.10.2020
  • Workforce BluePrint - Exploring Education in Africa and Finland, 19.8.2020
  • NEABEC, East Africa Business and Networking Conference, 2019, Finland
  • eLearning Africa 2018, Rwanda
  • African Ministerial Forum on “Youth skills and enterprise in the digital age” 2018, Tunisia
  • FICCI Arise Conference, February 2017, India
  • 2nd African Ministerial Forum on ICT Integration in Education and Training, June 2016, Ivory Coast
  • IVETA World TVET Conference 2015, August 2015, Malaysia
  • ITK 2015 (Interactive Technology in Learning), April 2015, Finland
  • 2nd African Ministerial Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation, November 2014, Morocco
  • IVETA International Conference, August 2014, Finland
  • The EdMedia World Conference on Educational Media and Technology, June 2014, Finland
  • OPPI, Helsinki Learning Festival, April 2014, Finland
  • ITK 2014 (Interactive Technology in Learning), April 2014, Finland
  • National Policy Dialogue on education for youth skills development, March 2014, Liberia
  • 1st African Ministerial Forum on ICT Integration into Education and Training, December 2013, Tunisia
  • 23rd annual conference of the European Forum for Technological and Vocational Education and Training, October 2013, Greece​


Open badge driven teacher ICT skills validation in Rwanda


The use of open badges in teacher professional development is an extension to traditional teacher professional development initiatives. Existing teacher ICT Skills frameworks set a clear baseline for developing skills criteria and professional development goals for teachers globally. At the same time, badges support self-directed learning and micro certification through validation of existing skills. Previous projects focusing on validating existing teacher ICT skills have been executed and researched in Finland, offering a good contextual basis for this similar research that focuses on Rwanda.

The objective of this research is to test the badging approach and further examine the triggers that lead to learning / teachers’ motivation to apply for badges. The research was conducted during a project targeting a group of teachers in Rwanda during the spring of 2020 as part of a longer cooperation between the researchers and the Rwanda Education Board. The research covers a badge-driven teacher professional development process that focused on skills validation. Quantitative data collection was undertaken through surveys prior, during and after the project. The results show a positive perception of a badge driven professional development programme by the participants and suggests promise of further badging initiatives.

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