Leadership- Communication skills- Team skills- Resilience-Adaptability- Ability to perform under success

Work experience

CEO and Head coach

Kourosh Kabir Ariaei Club

  • Tehran, Iran

  •     Established a method for identifying specialized volleyball talent and developing these talents based on the strengths and weaknesses of athletes. (find out more about the techniques and methods on my website)
  •    Organized and managed training covering all scopes of the events from the budget to scheduling and coordination with athletes to event infrastructure.
  •    Plan, organize and conduct sessional plans.
  •    Maintain thorough knowledge of all rules, game procedures, coaching techniques, and trends in Volleyball.
  •     Winning third place in Volleyball adult club League in Tehran
  •   Winning a fourth place in Volleyball adult club League in Tehran

Senior Coach

Elahiyeh and Zoulfaghari Volleyball academy

  • Tehran, Iran

  •  Motivate athletes to achieve success for life, throughout and beyond their Competition
  •    Responsible for leading and planning sessions, demonstrating and teaching new skills, and developing the potential of individuals
  •   Delivered speeches for junior coaches about how to behave and identify signs of premature puberty or developmental problems in children and bring them to parents, attention

Head coach & Head of the Academy

Chamran Volleyball Academy

  • Tehran, Iran

  • Delivered motivational speeches about how to select professional players based on their specialties.
  •  Communicate with children’s parents about daily activities, education, behaviors, and related issues.

Head Coach

Sanatgran Adults Volleyball Team

  • Tehran, Iran

  •  Created an effective learning environment so the players were motivated to participate and achieve results that exceeded initial concepts.

Head Coach

Esteghlal Adults Volleyball Team

  • Tehran, Iran

  •  Established teams to participate in the National League
  • Taught a range of volleyball-specific skills in a clear, safe manner

Senior Coach

Gholhak Volleyball Academy

  • Tehran, Iran

  • Worked on mental strength with players to sustain the physical challenges they encountered.

Head Coach

Volleyball Federation Talent Identification Center

  • Tehran, Iran

  •   Specialize Coaching for 14 and 16 ages group
  •  Choosing and introducing 12 players to the national camps of the youth team
  • Adjusting coaching techniques, based on the strengths and weaknesses of athletes.

The head coach

Adults volleyball team-16th district municipality

  • Tehran, Iran

  • Winning first place in Tehran Volleyball League at 2005
  • Winning first place in Tehran Volleyball League at 2006
  • Head coach of subway junior team in Tehran Volleyball league 2005
  • Provide training direction, encouragement, motivation, and nutritional advice to prepare athletes for games, competitive events.

Education and training

High school Diploma in mathematics and physics

Language skills

Other language(s)


Spoken interaction
Spoken production

Referee National & International Certificates

International volleyball coach Level 2 - FIVB - Baku, Azerbaijan - 2019

International volleyball coach Level 1- FIVB - 2014

International pool lifeguard - ILS - 2012

National Hydrotherapy coach - 2011

National Swimming Coach - IASF - 2010

National fitness coach - IFSAF - 2009

National Volleyball referee –IRVF - 2004

National Swimming referee - IASF - 2004

Hobbies and interests

Enjoys participating in and watching a wide range of sports- Travel- Music


Donation of 250 balls, ropes and pumps to the earthquake victims of Kermanshah

Donation of 100 balls and volleyball nets to the flood victims of Aq Qala


Available on request