Work experience

Photo Assistant & Photo Editor

Toloue Studio

  • Tehran, Iran

Computer specialist Assistant

TATA CO Marketing

  • Tehran, Iran

L1 Support, Computer hardware repair, PC assembling, software installing and database backup.

  • Update regularly emails and phone numbers of users.
  • Respond to service calls and emails promptly.
  • Maintain both internal and external company networks.
  • Assist in implementing firewalls and security devices to ensure network security.
  • Coordinate with Manager to set user access, permissions and roles to prevent unauthorized access.

Network Administrator Assistant

TATA CO Marketing

  • Tehran, Iran

  • Provide help-desk assistance in resolving software, hardware and network related problems.
  • Assist in equipment set-up and software installation and updates.
  • Manage inventory of software licenses, software application, hardware components and IT supplies.
  • Generate email and network accounts for new users.
  • Configure computers for new users.

Event Photographer & Digital Archive Manager

Iran Embassy (Vienna)

  • Vienna, Austria

Network Administrator assistant (internship)

Aryana hermiss

  • Tehran, Iran

Designing, Implementing, & Managing of computer networks.

  • Network Implementation which includes deploying the hardware (routers, switches, firewalls, access points, servers, printers, etc.) as well as implementing the physical cabling infrastructure.
  • Manage inventory of software licenses, software application, hardware components and IT supplies.
  • Maintaining and testing networking infrastructures.
  • Managing all the networks we implemented.

Photographer, Photo Editor & Photo Booth Expert


  • Vienna, Austria

Social media organizer, Video director, Cameraman, photographer, photo editor.

CONCEPTS (Mag. Gabriela Prett-Preza KG) +436769713471

  • Managing, controlling and arranging social media platforms.
  • Production of advertising teasers.
  • Website testing and debugging.
  • Advance photo and video editing.
  • Photography and photo archiving.

Education and training

Elementary school

Secondary school

Dr. Hesabi High School

High School

Dr. Hesabi Pre-University


Teheran University

Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSc): Agricultural Engineering (Plant Protection)

University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien

Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSc): Electronics and Business

  • Thesis: Digital Watermarking Technology: Analyzing the DigiMarc Photoshop Plug-in

Bachelor’s degree program: Electronics and Business (Telecommunications)

The Electronics and Business bachelor’s degree program provides a concentrated education in electronic engineering with emphasis on Telecommunications plus an intensive business component.

  • Basic knowledge of the natural sciences
  • To design, simulate, calculate, construct, and measure electronic circuits
  • To identify problems and develop technical solutions for them
  • To develop and produce innovative devices and systems
  • To incorporate economic and legal considerations into the workflow of development, production, and sales and distribution
  • To solve problems in the area of electronics, electrical engineering, and data processing by means of scientific methods
  • To work with systematic problem-solving strategies and provide support for making technical and business decisions
  • To design complex electrical and electronic systems for use in production, taking technical and economic aspects into account
  • To develop low-level programs for systems
  • To plan and organize the operational manufacturing of electronic components, devices, and systems

University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien

Master’s degree program: Telecommunications and Internet Technologies

Master’s degree program: Telecommunications and Internet Technologies 

Typical tasks are project planning, planning, installation, initial startup, configuration, administration, maintenance, and troubleshooting for telecommunications and mobile communications systems and planning and managing IT projects related to telecommunications, network technology, and the Internet.

  • Plan and simulate network architectures
  • Configure network components
  • Plan protocol sequences for telecommunications systems and implement protocol stacks
  • Plan hardware and software for the realization of telecommunications systems, network infrastructure, and telecommunications and Internet services taking usability into account as well as to manage projects
  • Consider technical standards and requirements related to IT security and network security when developing telecommunications systems and Internet applications
  • Develop mobile applications in the telecommunications and Internet environment
  • Analyze technical problems in telecommunications systems and network infrastructures and develop technical solutions

Language skills

Mother tongue(s)


Other language(s)


Spoken interaction
Spoken production


Spoken interaction
Spoken production

Digital skills


  • Photoshop (Advance)
  • Davinci Resovle
  • Adobe Primiere
  • Microsoft Office


  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • C Programming (basics)
  • Microsoft Certified Information technology Professional (MCITP)
  • Windows Server (Average)
  • Java (Basics)