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    Ready to learn something new? Europass can help you take the next step in your career.

    • Easy search for courses
    • Customised course suggestions
    • Prepare your CV, cover letter and applications
    • Articles on studying, training and volunteering

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    Work in Europe

    Looking for a new job? Europass can help you find the right job:

    • Search for jobs across Europe.
    • Suggestions for jobs that fit your profile and interests.
    • Prepare your CV, cover letter and job applications.
    • Articles on planning your career and working abroad.

    Create your Europass today and take the next step in your career.

    Europass Library

    Your Europass Library is your free online space, linked to your Europass profile, where you can store files related to your career and studies. You can upload and share your Europass CVs, Cover Letters, Digital credentials, awards, certificates, diplomas and any other relevant documents.

    Test your digital skills

    Take this simple test that will help you understand your digital skills level. When you complete the test you will get a detailed report with a description of your average level. 

    Create CV



    You can create a CV or many CVs with just a few clicks from your Europass profile or from scratch.

    Create Cover Letter



    Europass makes it as simple as possible for you to create a Cover letter that stands out and follows the standard structure.

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