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What are Digital Credentials

Europass Digital Credentials describe a learning achievement. They can describe activities, assessments, and professional entitlements as well as qualifications.


The European Commission is developing the Europass Digital Credentials Infrastructure (EDCI) to support efficiency and security in how credentials such as qualifications and other learning achievements can be recognised across Europe.

Work is ongoing on the development of the Europass Digital Credentials Infrastructure (EDCI). The EDCI will support authentication services for any digital documents or representations of information on skills and qualifications as outlined in Article 4 (6) of the Europass Decision.

A credential is a documented statement containing claims about a person issued by an educational organisation following a learning experience.

Europass Digital Credentials describe a learning achievement. They can describe:

  • activities (e.g. classes attended),
  • assessments (e.g. projects),
  • achievements (e.g. skills developed), 
  • professional entitlements (e.g. registration as a medical doctor) and
  • qualifications.


As a digital file, credentials can include a wide range of valuable information that help can help the recognition and understanding of the credential by employers and other institutions. Europass Digital Credentials have a host of benefits over paper-based certificates: they can reduce administration work for students and graduate as well as education and training providers and businesses. Europass Digital Credentials can also decrease the impact of credential-fraud and contribute towards paperless workflows.

Europass Digital Credentials support instant verification; recipients can automatically verify information such as the identity of the awarding body or the quality assurance of a qualification.

Europass Digital Credentials are signed with an e-Seal, meaning they enjoy a legal presumption of authenticity across the EU as well as equivalence to paper-based credentials containing the same information.


The Commission is developing the tools, software and services that will form part of the EDCI. 18 countries are participating in piloting digital credentials to test these elements at national level. Information and updates will be published here as the project continues.