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Understand your competences better with the new digital skills test

Introducing the digital skills test: to guide you through the maze of digital skills relevant for the job market.

Europass has a brand new tool to help you understand your digital skills better. Check your digital skills level, add them to your Europass profile and much more with the new digital skills self-assessment tool. This simple test will help you identify your strengths and those spots that need improvement in different areas of digital skills. 

You will not only see which level of digital skills you have but also get a detailed report of your assessment. This report can help you as a supporting document to highlight your skills when applying for jobs or guide you towards your next learning experience. If you have a Europass profile, it makes it easier for you to store and retrieve your result.

Check your digital skills level by taking this test, read about how the test works and why and check the FAQ if you have more questions.

This simple, easy to use test was developed by the Europass and digital skills and platforms teams of the European Commission. 

The test is based on the credible and well-researched digital skills competence framework that the European Commission has developed to identify key components of digital competence in five areas.

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