Europass portfolio for better job and learning opportunities

Creating your new personal portfolio will help you make the most of all services provided by the Europass platform.

Take the next step!

Based on your profile, Europass will give you access to tailored job offers and learning opportunities. Here are some tips to create your portfolio.

Complete your full profile

When creating your Europass profile, fill in all the sections (personal information, education and training, work experience, skills and competences, etc.) to give a comprehensive picture of yourself. You can complete your profile in several steps and modify it at any time.

Keep it up-to-date

A new work experience? A new set of skills? A new qualification? Update your portfolio to take advantage of job offers and learning opportunities that match your profile accurately.

You don’t need to keep it short

A profile is not a CV; it describes all your learning and professional achievements. When applying for a job or training at a later stage, you will be able to select the relevant information to create a CV.

Last but not least: your profile is stored in a private online storage space, and you decide which data you want to share, for instance with employers.