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How it is easier to structure all your job applications and documents in one place
90% of passwords can be cracked with as less as six tries by hackers. How strong is your password? Add a second step to keep your data on Europass safer. Add the two-factor authentication step to log in to Europass.
Do you remember the time when Europass was there to be printed and sent via post? Those days are long gone. We go green and digital - as do most hiring services. Europass is prepared to support you to adapt to the changing job market…
You get to Europass to create your Europass CV quick and easy! But, do you know that there are several digital tools that you can explore as you are in the process of applying to jobs or courses? All you need to do is to simply register to create...
The EU Login app has changed how you receive authentication requests for better security. Please upgrade your app as soon as possible.
The European Learning Model v.3 (ELM v.3) is expected to be launched in March 2023. ELM v.3 is an exciting new development in the field of educational data exchange, opening new possibilities for interoperability and credential exchange.
The new Europass was launched in July 2020. With more than 45 million visits to the website and close to 4 million Europass profiles created so far, Europass will keep improving to suit the needs of its users and the trends of the European…
You will notice some improvements and changes that will make your experience with the different Europass tools even better.
Europass and the multilingual classification of European Skills, Competences, and Occupations (ESCO) are gearing their services to be of support to those fleeing from Ukraine.
You will have to follow a two-step login process to access your Europass account from March 2022. This two-factor authentication is to make sure that your data is safe and secure.