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Europass for Guidance and Counselling

Europass provides guidance practitioners with multilingual tools and relevant information to help people with careers and learning.

The Europass platform, managed by the European Commission, is a set of free online tools and information on lifelong learning and career development. These tools and information are a valuable resource for individuals as well as guidance practitioners when offering support and information to people interested in studying, training, working and volunteering in Europe.

An online platform for personal and professional growth

Planning learning and career paths require not only to support by guidance practitioners but also up-to-date information and tools to assist people with their decisions.

Europass offers a free set of online tools and information to help people manage every step of their learning and career. The new Europass profile enables users to display, document and share their skills, qualifications and experience from every stage of their life. It supports people in finding the right job or course by suggesting relevant opportunities corresponding to the individuals’ skillset and experience.  It offers free online reflection tools, access to information and the possibility to store and display digital credentials.

Europass is designed as an easy-access service that is responsive to the needs of diverse user groups (available in 29 different European languages).


Simplifying communication between client and guidance practitioner

Guidance practitioners and other professionals can use Europass tools and information with their clients for multiple purposes. Guidance practitioners can work with clients to complete their Europass profile and develop a full picture of their skills, qualifications and interests. Clients can receive course and job suggestions based on the information in their profile. Clients can also easily share information from their profile with guidance practitioners to get the career and learning guidance they need.

Europass offers information on learning in Europe and working in Europe that can be of use for you when assisting clients. Guidance practitioners can also find up-to-date information on:


Europass also offers country pages with information on European and national-level services, information sources and other similar networks that can provide support to clients.

Europass aims to be a guidance tool, supporting guidance in lifelong learning to make it easier to find new opportunities for employment, learning and mobility. Europass is a free tool that guidance practitioners can use with diverse users and, in so doing, foster inclusion, participation, and accessibility of all.

Woman pointing at a white board with sticky notes about learning and skills

Promote Europass to learners, workers, jobseekers and volunteers

The European Commission is working with participating countries, stakeholders and experts across the EU to develop and promote Europass. Guidance practitioners in education and employment sectors play a key role in using Europass to help diverse audiences and show the potential for Europass to adapt to different needs. 

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