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Frequently Asked Questions

Europass CV and cover letter editor

Can Europass translate my Europass CV and Cover Letter?

You can create your Europass profile, Europass CV and Cover Letter in 29 different languages. However, Europass does not translate the information you have already provided in your profile or documents. 

How to save my Europass CV?

You will always be notified of the choices you have after you complete your CV:

As a registered user, you can download it to your local device or store it in your Europass library.

As a guest user, you can download it to your local device.


The new Europass was launched in July 2020. Can I still use Europass CVs and cover letters from before this time?

Your old Europass CVs and Cover letters downloaded as PDF or XML formats can be imported to the new Europass when you:

  • Create your Europass profile.
  • Create or update your Europass CV or cover letter using the online editor.

You will not be able to import your old Europass CVs or cover letters if you have them in formats such as Word, ODF or PDF documents created from the offline editable formats.

How to unpublish my Europass CV that I published on EURES?


To unpublish your Europass CV from EURES you need to:

  •  Log in to your Europass account.
  • Select "Unpublish your CV on EURES" under "Account Settings",
  • Click "Unpublish CV"  on the popup that appears asking if you are sure you want to unpublish your CV on EURES.
How can I reorder the main sections on my CV?

You can reorder the main sections (education, work experiences) or the sub-sections (individual work experiences)sections manually to display them in the order you want.

To move an entire section

  • Click on the blue arrows you see on the left side of that section.

To move items within a section:

  • Move your mouse to the left of that item. Your cursor will take a different shape (a cross/plus). You can then click, hold and move it up or down (drag and drop) depending on where you want to place that item.
How can I add attachments to my Europass CV?

You can share your documents directly from the Europass Library or add a section on your Europass CV with the link to document(s) from your Europass Library.

Sharing document(s) from your Europass Library as a registered user:

  • Step 1: Select the document(s) you want to share by clicking on the checkbox (top left of each document).
  • Step 2:Choose “Share”. from the options.       
  • Step 3: You can choose to adjust the duration of how long people who you’ve shared this link with can view your document(s)  on the popup that appears.
  • Step 4: Click on the “Generate a link” button.

You will get a unique link that you can share with those you want to.

You can also add this link to your Europass CV. 

Please note that documents that you upload to the Europass library will not be automatically included in your Europass CV.

Which fields are mandatory in the Cover Letter?

In order to create your cover letter, the following fields are mandatory:

  • language of the cover letter.
  • date format.
  • first name(s).
  • last name(s).
  • subject.
  • opening salutations (please fill both boxes, even if only one of them is indicated as mandatory).
  • your name (in the "closing" section).


The other fields are not mandatory. However, if you fill in the phone number field, you will have to add the country code. Similarly, if you fill in an Address you will have to select the country as well.

What is the difference between the Europass Profile and a CV?

Your Europass profile is your personal online space where you can log all your skills, education, work experiences, achievements and other information. 

The profile is an all-inclusive area to organise your information. You can use all or some of the information from your Europass profile to create CVs for particular jobs or courses that you may be applying for, therefore helping you to tailor your CV to a particular job.


The Create CV option makes it easy to create one or many CVs from your Europass profile. You can use it to apply for a job, education, training or volunteering opportunities.

With the Europass CV you can:

  • create and update your CV in 29 languages.
  • choose from different Europass CV templates.
  • save your CV to your device or the Europass library.
  • share your CV with a third party.

Create your Europass profile

What is a Europass profile?

Your Europass profile is your personal online space where you can log all your skills, learning, and work experiences as well as achievements and other information. The profile will be an all-inclusive area to organise your information. Your profile will help you record and see all of your skills and experiences in one place. You can use the information in your Europass profile to create CVs for particular jobs or courses that you may be applying for.  


How to complete my Europass profile?

Your Europass profile is a personal profile. Go to the homepage and click on “Create my Europass” button. You will be directed through each of the steps to create your Europass profile. Once you complete your basic Europass profile (education and training, work experience, language skills, digital skills), you will be able to update and edit the rest of the profile with other projects, achievements and skills you want to record. 

If you register with Europass, you will be able to add more sections and create an extensive profile with a record of your skills, qualifications and experiences in one place. 

If you do not register, you will not be able to keep a permanent profile or access other related tools such as My Library or My Skills.


What is My Skills?

My Skills is part of Europass, which offers you an overview of your skills based on the information you add to your profile. The information in My Skills will be used to suggest customised job and course suggestions to you. 

What is My Library?

Your Europass Library is your free online space, linked to your Europass profile, where you can store files related to your career and studies. You can upload and share your Europass CVs, Cover Letters, Digital credentials, awards, certificates, diplomas and any other relevant documents. Never store any documents that contain sensitive personal information in your Europass library

What is ‘My Interests’?

With ‘My Interests’ registered users can describe their interests and goals in Europass. You can choose a list of main goals linked to your career and studies or other opportunities such as volunteering or travel. You can also indicate your preferred location(s) by selecting relevant cities and countries. Finally, you can list topics and skills you would like to learn more about.  The information in My Interests will be used to suggest customised job and course suggestions to you. 

Sharing my Europass profile

Your Europass profile is private but you can share a link to your profile with employers, education institutions or guidance counsellors to get their assistance or as part of your application. You can share your full profile or select specific sections of your profile to share. You can share the profile for a set period of time and you can ‘delete’ the link at any time so that it is no longer visible to external parties. Always ensure you know the identity of who you share your profile with and never share any sensitive, personal information.

Do I need to complete the whole Europass profile at once?

No, you do not need to fill in the whole Europass profile in one visit. Actually, you would very rarely use all elements or complete all sections at once. Building a profile is an ongoing process and you should update every time you complete studies, finish a new work experience, or want to record new skills you have developed.  

How to create a Europass profile in another language.

You can create your Europass profile in 30 different languages. When you create your profile you can select the relevant language to create your profile. 

Do I need to complete all sections of the Europass profile?

Your Europass profile is your online space to record your skills, qualifications and experiences. You are required to fill only mandatory fields (name and surname). You are free to choose which sections you want to complete and you can add new sections with a title you choose to describe your skills, achievements and projects. However, it is important to update your Europass profile with your new skills, qualifications and experiences so that you always have an up-to-date profile.    

What type of information should I include in my Europass profile?

Your Europass profile is your online space to record your skills, qualifications and experience. You can include information about all your skills, achievements and projects from all aspects of your life – work, home, study, volunteering and hobbies. Never include sensitive personal information in your profile, such as your health, beliefs or information that is not relevant to your career and training.

Who has access to my Europass profile?

Europass is your profile and no one else can access your profile or your information. You can choose to share your profile (or parts of your profile) with anyone you wish. For example, you can share your profile with an employer as part of a job application. Registered users can also share the link to their profile for a set period of time.

Can I upload photos in my Europass profile?

Yes, you can upload images, files or add links to videos in relevant sections of your Europass profile. These will be automatically stored in your Europass library if you are a registered user. 

What information can I view on the ‘Me’ page in Europass?

The ‘My Europass’ page is an interactive display of all your information in Europass. From the ‚Me‘ page you can access the most recent version of your profile. You can view suggestions of jobs and courses which you reject or save as favourites. You can also access the CV and cover letter editors or add new information to ‘My Skills’ and ‘My Interests’. You can also view your ‚Activity Feed‘ which gives an overview of all your recent activity on Europass and view My Settings where you can manage your privacy settings. 

Europass Basics

What is Europass?

Europass is a set of online tools and information that helps you manage every step of your learning and career. The tools and information support you in communicating your skills, qualifications and experiences clearly and consistently across Europe. The European Commission developed Europass. 

Why should I use Europass?

Europass offers you web-based tools that will help you to document and present your skills, qualifications and experiences. These tools assist you to search and apply for new jobs or courses, reflect on your skills as well as manage your documents all in one place.

Europass presents you with relevant information and contact points provided by trusted European and national sources, which help you make informed career decisions.

You can register to create your Europass profile and make the best use all the available tools and information on Europass.

Can you explain the different tools offered by Europass?

If you register with Europass you will have access to all the following tools:

  • Europass profile – your free personal online space to record your skills, qualifications and experiences;
  • Europass library – you can store, share and organise your documents;
  • My Interests –  you can reflect on and identify your career or learning interests;
  • My Skills -  view an overview of your skills in your profile;
  • Online editor – you can create different CVs and cover letters to match your applications;
  • Jobs and courses search – you will have access to a large database of jobs and courses across Europe.

Even if you are not registered, you have access to some tools including the Online Editor and Search for jobs and courses

How much does Europass cost?

Europass is a free-of-charge set of online tools and information offered by the European Commission. It has no hidden costs or any additional charges. Please note that you cannot buy a CV or any service from Europass. All services offered by Europass are free and you will never be asked to provide any bank details or execute payments. If you received such a request, please contact relevant national authorities.