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Our Society

What would happen to you if your bank collapsed? Or if the businesses in your local area could no longer afford to trade? How can we help people living in poverty and integrate those that make Europe their new home? 

As a society, we should promote solidarity. The EU seeks to redress social inequality, fight poverty and establish a level playing field. This means supporting people in need, ensuring that large companies pay their share of tax and preserving our environmental and social standards when trading with the rest of the world. Across the EU, there are many ordinary heroes helping to do just that. With the EU’s support, they protect our livelihoods, our businesses and our society. Find out who they are, and how they do it.  

Did you know?


of the total EU population currently cannot afford a one-week annual holiday away from home.


has been allocated to projects outside of the EU to help ease the root causes of migration, including €1 billion for a facility for refugees in Turkey and €3.5 billion for humanitarian aid within affected regions.


of all European enterprises are micro-businesses (meaning that they have fewer than 10 employees).


Society relies on people working together for the good of all. But who are the local heroes doing this in your region?