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Did you know that the EU brings people together to work across borders and protect you and millions of other citizens? Whether they’re preparing to rush to the scene of an emergency in the blink of an eye, researching the cure for a mysterious condition, or working to make your area a little greener; together these ordinary heroes make Europe a better place to live.  

Coordinated by the EU, they protect your homes, friends, families and jobs, and these are their stories.

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Simone Wagner

Institute of Standardisation, Accreditation, Safety and Quality of Products and Services


Simone is an inspector in charge of product and toy safety for Luxembourg. She is the central contact point for the EU Rapid Alert System. “The Alert System is a tool to detect dangerous products and toys in the country and spread the information across Europe,” she said. For seven years, Simone has been working in the Luxembourg Institute. She enjoys her job because it enables her to be in contact with colleagues in other countries, protect the young and ensure their health and safety.

Chris Pinchen

BEE SECURE Initiative


Chris is an expert in online privacy and internet safety. He works as part of the BEE SECURE project, which promotes online safety and security to young people, parents, teachers and stakeholders at both national and EU level. BEE SECURE is also a member of the INSAFE project funded by the European Commission. He contributes to the European network of Safer Internet Centres, working alongside experts from other countries to keep Europeans safe online. Chris also hosts ‘Privacy Salons’, a series of useful and engaging lectures and discussions on the topic. Thanks to his daily job, Chris has the opportunity to raise awareness of the better and safer use of new technologies.

Florian Weber

Schäferei Weber Shepherding


Florian is the last remaining wandering shepherd in Luxembourg. His work plays a crucial part in preserving European rural heritage and the promotion of sustainable farming practices. Supported by the EU’s Rural Development Fund, which helps rural areas of Europe overcome economic, environmental and societal challenges, Florian offers courses in Border Collie training, sheep farming, sheep shearing and hoof care. He also teaches children the importance of protecting nature. Florian’s efforts to conserve nature and educate European citizens make him a valuable player in the protection of rural Europe for generations to come.

Andrea Nicoletti

Fire and Rescue Corps


Andrea is an Information Manager at the Luxembourg Fire and Rescue Corps, and volunteers in the Humanitarian Intervention Team. Andrea has been on three missions as part of his volunteer work with the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. Andrea and his ICT colleague were one of the first international teams to arrive on the scene at missions to install mobile, satellite-based telecommunications technology, which is used to coordinate intervention teams and exchange information. Since 2016, Andrea has also been volunteering in European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations. He trains experts from all over Europe so that they too are ready for deployment after natural disasters.