Did you know that the EU brings people together to work across borders and protect you and millions of other citizens? Whether they’re preparing to rush to the scene of an emergency in the blink of an eye, researching the cure for a mysterious condition, or working to make your area a little greener; together these ordinary heroes make Europe a better place to live.  

Coordinated by the EU, they protect your homes, friends, families and jobs, and these are their stories.

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Dunja Drmač

Croatian, European Apparel and Textile Confederation


Dunja is Croatian but lives in Brussels where she works as a sustainability officer at EURATEX, the European Apparel and Textile Confederation. EURATEX is an association which represents the interests of the European textile and clothing industry.

Dr Draško Holcer

Croatian Natural History Museum


Drasko is a marine biologist specialised in ecology and conversation of large marine vertebrates. He is senior curator at the Croatian Natural History Museum and currently coordinates LIFE Euroturtles, an EU-funded project, and helps sea turtles in the Northern Adriatic. He and his team have worked with LED lights as a tool to mitigate sea turtle capture in fishing nets.

Budimir Šobat Buda EN

Budimir Šobat Buda

Association for Disabled People


For 18 years, Budimir has been working to raise awareness of the needs of people with autism. At the Association for Disabled People in the town of Petrinja, Sisak-Moslavina County, Budimir works on two main projects that receive EU funds. His aim is to make sure that autistic people have the same rights as everybody else. In his effort to raise awareness of autism, he broke a world record by spending 24 minutes and 11 seconds under water without air.

Tonći Prodan

Portus et Navem


Tonći Prodan was a maritime safety consultant at the National Protection and Rescue Directorate of the Republic of Croatia during the international field exercise Adriatic 2018. Funded by the European Union, this large-scale spill pollution exercise aimed to coordinate action among the concerned countries around the Adriatic sea.  Tonći led a team of eminent Croatian experts and scientists from the security field. He holds a doctorate on "The US and the EU in combating terrorism - strategy, models and results" and is a European and world-renowned expert in the field of terrorism and security threats.

Tonci Prodan EN

Melani Boris

Zamisli Association


As well as benefitting from the services of the Zamisli association, Melani joined their ERASMUS+ project, Support for Students with Disabilities in 2016, and began promoting these students’ right to live independently. She is now the manager of the Personal Assistant project, where she works as a mentor to welcome new beneficiaries of the project. She is also a part of a campaign to provide housing and support to young people with disabilities who wish to live independently.

Tatjana Aćimović

Art director of the Children's Rights Festival


For the past 10 years, Tatjana Aćimović has been helping to organise a festival that promotes children’s rights by screening European films, many of which were funded by the European Union. This is the first and only public event in Croatia accessible to people with visual or hearing impairments. Tatjana believes that culture and art can strengthen the community, raise awareness of children's rights, tackle poverty, create equal opportunities for all and protect the rights of vulnerable groups, especially children with special needs.

Tatjana Aćimović EN

Mira Katalenić

Croatian Guide Dog and Mobility Association, Croatia


Mira Katalenić joined a group of volunteers working for the Croatian Guide Dog and Mobility Association at the beginning of the 1990s. The association carries out several EU-funded projects, one of which provides mobile support services to create conditions for better inclusion of blind people in the labour market and society. All Mira’s time and energy is now devoted towards developing orientation and mobility programmes for blind people in Croatia, assistance dog programmes for people with disabilities and children with developmental difficulties.