Our Environment

What kind of world do you want for your children?

Our actions have had a serious impact on the planet. But the EU is setting the pace for international action to tackle climate change, protect endangered species, save the forests and reduce air and water pollution. Together, we can play a part in protecting the environment but the EU is taking real action to support the ordinary heroes who are fighting for our environment. Meet the heroes who are protecting Europeans from today’s dangers and tomorrow’s risks. 

Defence against disaster

Weathering the storm: How the EU supported Ireland in a fight against floods

In winter 2015-16, Ireland experienced some of the worst flooding it had seen in decades. Rain fell heavily as a series of storms battered the west, south and interior of the country. Find out how the EU’s early warning and monitoring services helped Ireland tackle massive flooding and kept people safe.

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Our Society

How can we protect the communities we've built?

From supporting the hard-working businesses in your neighbourhood to looking after your life savings, from making sure that large companies pay their fair share of tax to fighting other negative effects of globalisation, discover how the EU makes it possible for ordinary heroes to safeguard the things that matter the most to you.

Combating poverty

Escaping energy poverty: How the EU is making sure families aren’t left out in the cold

Across the EU, many families are struggling with energy costs. Some are unable to heat their homes adequately, which affects their health, well-being, and ability to work. The EU funds projects that are helping to fight energy poverty – as experienced by one family in Lithuania.

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Do you know your own local heroes?

Many people don't realise the impact they have — they are, after all, members of the community like everyone else. But in their jobs, they play a critical role in protecting the neighbourhood.
They are local heroes, and thanks to their work we can continue living our lives safe from harm.