Thousands of people from different European countries are working together to keep you and your family safe. They aren't seeking recognition – they’re simply doing their job. 

Every day the EU supports and connects these people, helping them to cooperate across borders in order to protect us. Meet your ordinary heroes.

Our Safety

Who's making Europe a safer place?

We hear a lot about the challenges the world is facing: terrorism, cybercrime, human trafficking and more, but we hear less about the people providing the solutions. Learn more about the EU policies in police cooperation and information exchange that bring together ordinary heroes, helping them to keep us safe.

Organised crime

Breaking the circle: How Europe shattered a human trafficking ring

National authorities needed to act quickly after uncovering a violent human trafficking ring. Young women, taken from their homes in Bulgaria, were being forced into prostitution in Spain.
In one week 34 gang members were arrested and 13 young women were freed. The operation owed its success to a coordinated European effort.

Our Health

What's more important than the health of your family and loved ones?

From keeping dangerous toys off the shelves to treating rare diseases, there are heroes across Europe working around the clock to make sure the people you love stay healthy. Find out how they're protecting you and your family.

Unsafe products

Hidden hazard: How a surprise toy put all European countries on high alert

A favourite character, a preferred colour or flavour – these are the choices that guide us when shopping for children. Potential risks can easily be overlooked. When Finland signalled that an imported juice bottle with a surprise toy posed a choking hazard, Luxembourg was one of the 31 countries to receive the warning. Thanks to a Europe-wide alert system, thousands of young children were kept out of harm’s way.

Our Environment

What kind of world do you want for your children?

Our actions have had a serious impact on the planet. But the EU is setting the pace for international action to tackle climate change, protect endangered species, save the forests and reduce air and water pollution. Together, we can play a part in protecting the environment but the EU is taking real action to support the ordinary heroes who are fighting for our environment. Meet the heroes who are protecting Europeans from today’s dangers and tomorrow’s risks. 

Defence against disaster

The distress signal: How Europe came together to fight forest fires in Italy

When forest fires raged towards the town of Ottaviano in July 2017, Italian authorities asked the EU for help.

Our Society

How can we protect the communities we've built?

From supporting the hard-working businesses in your neighbourhood to looking after your life savings, from making sure that large companies pay their fair share of tax to fighting other negative effects of globalisation, discover how the EU makes it possible for ordinary heroes to safeguard the things that matter the most to you.

Fair business

European mosaic: How EU trade investigators protected jobs against unfair competition

Artisans and small businesses can easily find themselves defenceless against unfair trading practices. When European ceramics manufacturers were undercut by massive imports of Chinese ceramics sold at artificially low prices, jobs and livelihoods were on the line. 


Do you know your own local heroes?

Many people don't realise the impact they have — they are, after all, members of the community like everyone else. But in their jobs, they play a critical role in protecting the neighbourhood.
They are local heroes, and thanks to their work we can continue living our lives safe from harm.