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Thanks to my EU citizenship, the whole of Europe is on my doorstep. Whether I want to be a firefighter in Cyprus or an electrician in Estonia, I have the right to live and work in any EU country. All I need is health insurance and proof that I’m able to financially support myself, and I can call any EU nation my new home. 


Living abroad is my life-long dream, and EURES is here to make it a reality. There are over 1.3 million potential career opportunities online, and I can even get a dedicated advisor who can help me find my perfect job in the country I love. And if I’m aged 18-35, then additional help is available through Your First EURES Job, such as a grant to travel to an interview abroad.


Looking to help people in need? The European Solidarity Corps provides voluntary and paid opportunities to young people aged 18-30 who are hungry for a challenge. This could involve rebuilding a school after an earthquake, working with people with disabilities in a community centre, or much more. 


Let’s say I’m an apprentice chef who wants to learn more about French cuisine, or a trainee nurse interested in working in Portugal. ErasmusPro offers me the opportunity to spend 6-12 months of my apprenticeship in a different EU country. I can get hands-on experience of working in a different culture, and it counts towards my apprenticeship.



European Job Days are Europe-wide career fairs that aim to showcase the opportunities available to me within the EU, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. I don’t even need to physically attend the events – many European Job Days are held online, so I can find the perfect job in another country without leaving the comfort of my own sofa.  


Great news – I’ve temporarily been posted to a different EU country to complete a contract for my employer! But what about my working rights when I arrive? In the EU all posted workers automatically get the same set of core rights – like the minimum rate of pay – as the workers in my host country. Not only does it mean that my rights are protected throughout the EU, but also that foreign service providers can’t undercut the local competition with lower labour standards. In short, it ensures that working in the EU is healthy, safe and fair.

How it works

As an EU citizen, the opportunity to work in a different country is one of my basic rights. Whether I’m starting a new career abroad, or looking to gain a new perspective with an internship or volunteering opportunity, EU law means that I’m always covered by a social security system. Working for a company or self-employed, I have the right to choose where I work. And if I’m looking to get my foot on the career ladder, the EU will even help me find the right opportunity.

    Did you know?

    17 million


    EU citizens were living in an EU country other than their home country in 2017.

    1.4 million


    EU citizens moved to a different country within the EU in 2015.

    58,000 young people


    have already signed up to opportunities with the European Solidarity Corps.

    Career passport


    The Europass CV editor allows me to present my skills, qualifications and achievements in a way that’s universally recognised across Europe.



    is a free service from EURES that offers practical help in getting my foot on the career ladder. To improve my chances of employment, I can register for training, language courses, apprenticeships and more.

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    /euandme/file/key-euandme-short-film-directed-valerie-muller-and-angelin-preljocaj_enThe Key: an #EUandME short film directed by Valerie Muller and Angelin Preljocaj

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