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Travel easily within the EU


Experienced delays and cancellations? As an air, rail, ship or bus passenger, I have rights when travelling in the EU. Take flying for instance: I’m entitled to refunds and, if my plane was cancelled, delayed by over 3 hours, or if I’m denied boarding for operational reasons or because of overbooking, I can receive compensation of up to €600, depending on the distance. 


At the swipe of my phone, I can fly between EU cities for the price of a lunch. The cost of flying fell by 41% between 1992 and 2000 as a result of EU deregulation and market liberalisation – meaning there are now more airlines to choose from to get the best deal.


Using my credit card in Barcelona, Budapest or Bratislava? Within the EU, transaction charges – online, offline, any time – are the same as at home.


Autoroute or Autobahn? Toll road or coastal road? If my driving licence is issued by an EU country, it can be used everywhere in the EU.


The EU is made up of around 500 million citizens. Simply being one of them allows me to explore, work or live in diverse, exciting European countries. One passport, infinite possibilities.


Delete that currency app, step away from the bureau de change, and say bonjour and hola to the euro. Now welcome in 19 countries, it’s become an EU travel essential.

How it works

Being an EU citizen means I can explore, study or work in another EU country – it’s a fundamental right. The Schengen Agreement abolished border checks for 26 European countries, so I can travel easily without showing either a passport or ID when moving from one to another. Whether it’s by car, plane or train – Europe has the densest railway network in the world – I can explore all 270 provinces within the EU at my leisure. What’s more, the common currency means that I can pay in euros in 19 countries. All this, and more, gives me the freedom to make endless travel choices, all protected by EU rights that keep me stress-free and safe. 

    Did you know?

    1.25 billion


    The number of journeys taking place across the 26 countries of the Schengen Area every year without the need to show a passport or ID card.

    341 million


    The number of people who use the euro in 19 countries every single day.



    The number of free travel passes already granted to help 18-year-olds discover Europe in 2018. Find out on how to apply on the #DiscoverEU website.



    Anywhere, anytime in the EU, this free number could save my life. To call the fire brigade, police or ambulance service, I can simply dial 112.

    Pet power


    EU citizens like me can travel easily with their pet dogs, cats or even ferrets. They just need a European pet passport.

    €430 million per year


    The decrease in compensatory damages to consumers thanks to the European Union’s protection for package holidays, which includes stronger cancellation rights and clearer rules on who is liable if something does go wrong.

    Director's Video

    /euandme/file/living-hostel-euandme-short-film-directed-matthias-hoene_enThe Living Hostel: an #EUandME short film directed by Matthias Hoene

    The Living Hostel, directed by Matthias Hoene

    Although her youth is long behind her, Gisela still longs to experience the sights of Europe. Her grandchildren decide to raise enough money to send her on her dream adventure, but their plan has unexpected results…

    /euandme/file/living-hostel-euandme-short-film-directed-matthias-hoene_enThe Living Hostel: an #EUandME short film directed by Matthias Hoene

    /euandme/file/living-hostel-official-euandme-trailer-0_enThe Living Hostel: the official #EUandME trailer

    /euandme/file/behind-scenes-living-hostel-euandme-short-film-0_enBehind the scenes of The Living Hostel: an #EUandMe short film

    The Living Hostel
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