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Call, text and use data at no extra cost when exploring the EU 


I'm not in my home country and I need to make a call to Stockholm… Not a problem – staying in touch when travelling is now easier than ever before! There are no extra charges for using my phone abroad in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway – although mobile operators in Finland, Lithuania and Estonia may still apply very small roaming fees. I can make calls, send texts and use data, and it’ll cost me the same as at home. No wonder mobile internet use while travelling in the EU has multiplied by five since the end of roaming charges!


I can’t stop texting, so it’s good news that – in most cases – I can keep the same allowance of calls, texts and data when I travel as at home. For some contracts, especially those that include unlimited data, there may be a limit on how much data I can use without a roaming fee while travelling – but it should be more than enough to feed my social media habits.


My bags are packed, I’ve got my passport – now how do I activate Roam Like at Home? The short answer is: I don’t! The EU requires mobile operators to include it automatically in my service package, so whether I travel to Latvia or Luxembourg, my phone is ready to use with no extra charges.


The cost of using a mobile phone has fallen sharply since 1998, thanks to the EU ending phone company monopolies and more operators coming onto the market. So my calls are getting longer, but my bills are shrinking.

How it works

In June 2017, the EU passed new regulations ending the age of roaming charges – meaning that whether I’m abroad on holiday or travelling for work, I can use my phone wherever I am in the EU at no extra cost. Roam like at Home is now included in every roaming phone contract – no matter what the operator. What’s more, EU competition rules have ended telecom monopolies, offering more competition and lower prices for consumers.

    Did you know?

    100 times


    The increase in the volume of roaming data used between 2008 and 2015.

    Only 12%


    of individuals have been switching off their mobile phones and not using them while travelling in the EU since June 2017.

    4 months


    If I spend more time and use my phone more abroad than in my home country over a period of 4 months, then my operator may contact me to discuss my usage and potentially apply small surcharges. These surcharges are up to 3.2 cents per minute for calls, 1 cent per SMS and 0.6 cent per megabyte of data, down to 0.25 cent per megabyte by 2022.



    of European citizens believe that they will personally benefit from the end of roaming charges.

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