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Whether it’s to catch up with friends or stream the latest episode of my favourite TV show, in the EU I have the right to a basic internet connection at home. Wherever I am, there should be at least one internet provider that can give me access to a quality connection at an affordable price – this is known as the ‘universal service’ principle. What’s more, the EU is investing over €2 billion in strengthening broadband in rural areas. So if I’m checking in to the Czechia, or uploading a selfie from Spain, I know that I can use the best possible home internet connection at a fixed, affordable price. 


Looking for local news or information on the next European Championship? Whatever my interest, internet service providers in the EU cannot slow down or block the content I access to promote one website over another. As long as it’s legal, secure and the network is not exceptionally busy, I can read, watch or play whatever I want.


The EU believes that national borders shouldn’t prevent me from enjoying a good film, album or game. That’s why I can access my subscriptions to online video and music streaming services wherever I travel in the EU. Just one more episode, then?


Checking a train timetable on the move? I want to rely on free public Wi-Fi rather than using up my valuable data allowance. The EU is investing €120 million in installing free public Wi-Fi hotspots in up to 8,000 different locations across Europe, so that I can remain connected wherever I am.


Did you know that 44% of Europeans aged between 16 and 74 lack basic digital skills? What’s more, 9 out of 10 jobs in the future will require these digital skills. To close the skills gap and ensure that I’m prepared for tomorrow’s world of work, I can access the EU’s Upskilling Pathways Initiative, take part in training courses offered by the members of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, and learn more about technology and coding in one of thousands of EU Code Week events. If I'm a university student, I can also do a Digital Opportunity Traineeship in another European country and gain advanced digital skills.

How it works

EU laws mean that no matter how rural or remote the area where I live is, if it’s in the EU I get guaranteed access to the best possible internet connection at an affordable price. I’m able to access thousands of free Wi-Fi hotspots across Europe and take my video, music, gaming and sports subscription services with me wherever I go.

    Did you know?



    of Europeans use the internet every day.



    of young Europeans (aged between 16 and 24 years old) use social media networks.



    of Europeans book travel, accommodation or tickets online.



    of Europeans use the internet to make phone or video calls.



    of Europeans aged between 15 and 39 think that accessing the services they subscribe to when travelling is important.

    Get connected


    If you’re in a rural area without an internet connection, speak to your national regulatory authority, which can help you get online.

    Director's Video

    /euandme/file/loner-euandme-short-film-directed-tomasz-konecki-0_enThe Loner: an #EUandME short film directed by Tomasz Konecki

    The Loner, directed by Tomasz Konecki

    A man of the wilderness, Jan lives alone in a cabin in the Polish mountains. But when destiny interrupts his solitary lifestyle, he must devise a plan in order to follow his heart.

    /euandme/file/loner-euandme-short-film-directed-tomasz-konecki-0_enThe Loner: an #EUandME short film directed by Tomasz Konecki

    /euandme/file/loner-official-euandme-trailer-0_enThe Loner: the official #EUandME trailer

    /euandme/file/behind-scenes-loner-euandme-short-film-0_enBehind the scenes of The Loner: an #EUandMe short film

    The Loner
    Digital stories

    Digital inclusion for all

    Patrick de la Hamette, engineer, is working in the social security sector and wants to help others in a concrete and practical way. A few years ago, he started volunteering and co-founded a non-profit organisation to support digital inclusion. He had not realised how big and satisfying this project would become.

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