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Vote, stand in European elections and help fix Europe’s problems

Cast a vote

Want to make a change? I can make my opinions heard loud and clear by going to vote. As a citizen of the EU, I’m entitled to vote in European and municipal elections, whichever EU country I live in. Whether I’m selecting a member of the European Parliament to discuss the big topics that influence my daily life, or choosing a councillor to represent my views on the local issues that affect me, voting is the best way to steer politics on the issues I care about. The next European elections are scheduled for 23-26 May 2019.

Leading the way

Disagree with what the politicians are saying on TV? Brimming with good ideas that would improve the lives of citizens across Europe? Well, why not help to shape the future of the EU by standing in an election? As an EU citizen, I can be a candidate in European Parliament and local elections. I’ve got my flyers, I’ve finished my manifesto and I’ve practised my speech – all I need now are people to vote for me!

Have a say

I’ve got something on my mind – but does the EU want to hear about it? Of course! If I feel strongly about a new law or policy, then I can either give my feedback via a dedicated website or participate in a public consultation. Similarly, I can use an online platform to give my views on existing EU policies when they are reviewed, and provide suggestions on how to make them more efficient. 

My voice matters

Europe has around 500 million citizens – we’re bound to have a few good ideas. So why not prove it? If I’m concerned about an issue and I believe that the EU should take action, then I can start collecting signatures though a European citizen’s initiative. If a million other citizens from at least 7 countries agree with me, then the European Commission will look into proposing new laws to solve the problem.

The future of Europe

The Europe of tomorrow starts today. With the European Parliament elections approaching next year, EU leaders want to find out what's important to me, and how I feel the EU could better prepare for taking on the challenges of the future. I can make my opinions heard by contributing to an ongoing consultation drafted by citizens themselves, and give my thoughts on the White Paper on the Future of Europe.

How it works

As a citizen of an EU Member State, I’m automatically granted EU citizenship too – it even says so on my passport! This citizenship entitles me to have a say in how the EU is run. I can vote in European and municipal elections, contribute to discussions on EU laws and policies and even stand as a candidate in an election myself. This is all possible thanks to the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, which gives me the freedom to make my voice heard – either by participating in elections, or by petitioning the European Parliament for change. 

    Did you know?



    of young people in Europe said they would consider standing as a political candidate in the future.



    The eligible voter turnout across Europe for the 2014 European Parliament elections, with national turnouts varying widely, from 13% in Slovakia to 89% in Belgium.



    The number of EU citizens who have an interest in the upcoming 2019 European elections.

    1.6 million


    The number of signatures collected in support of the first ever citizen’s initiative, ‘Right2Water’, which led to the Commission submitting a proposal to improve the quality of water for citizens across Europe.



    of citizens are unaware that the European Parliament is directly elected by the citizens of each Member State.

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    /euandme/file/shape-euandme-short-film-directed-jaco-van-dormael_enThe Shape: an #EUandME short film directed by Jaco Van Dormael

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