Vlad Muko

Young Filmmakers Competition 

The EU is offering young filmmakers the chance to make their very own #EUandME short film.  Five winners will each receive a grant of €7,500, as well as mentoring from a top European director, to help them to bring their idea to life.

Winner in Skills & Business category

About the young filmmaker
Vlad Muko
Why did you choose to apply for your theme?
There is a certain pride in the craftsmanship. In the dedication and the ability to create something using the right set of skills. Our skills might be the most valuable asset in life. But having a skill does not mean to make a living out of it. Opening a business might be risky and stressful but I want to show a positive side of working for yourself.
What was your inspiration for the video?
I wanted to make a film about barbers for a long time. There is something fascinating about the profession. Barbers are genuine risk takers. If you don’t like the haircut, there is no going back. They know it, and so do you. But over and over again we trust them to make us look sharp again. Barbers wouldn’t vanish as long as humanity has hair.
”If anyone tells you there is only one way, their way, get as far away from them as possible, both physically and philosophically.”
Jim Jarmusch

A young man returns from a long trip to his father, who works in a dingy hair salon run by a grumpy older barber with wild, unkempt hair. That evening, the father and son discuss the cost of opening a hairdressing business themselves. They apply for a loan to set it up, but they are unsuccessful. To surprise his father, the son decides to turn their garage into a makeshift barbershop. The father is touched by the initiative and helps the son put the finishing touches on the impromptu salon. Once it is ready for business, the son hands out flyers and soon there’s a queue down the street. Andy, the grumpy barber, makes an unexpected visit and the father properly styles his hair. Now that it’s neat and presentable, Andy finally breaks a smile; a job well done for the father and son duo.

Cast & crew

Matthew Houston – Bill
Paul Butterworth – Carl
Edmund Dehn – Andy
Harry Parsons– Bank Manager

Supporting Artists
Alec Kirby
Alexander Scott
Andrea Lo Priore
Deborah Chapman
Diana Põdra
Emanuela Borruso
Gabriel Lippe
Griff Miles
Jane Bell
Jason Kong
James Bateman
Kit Mackenzie
Lára Theódóra Kristjánsdóttir
Maryna Gradnova
Matt Kirby
Martim Gomez
Moonoyoung Sony
Neeraja Rajkumar
Pietro Abati
Sid Elbadawi
Tricia Barnes
Tian Boyce
Vlad Muko – Director
Diana Põdra – Producer
Shyam Popat – Screenwriter
Michael Filocamo – Cinematographer
Ann Kutzer – Production Designer
Vlad Muko – Editor
Ilja Gussarov – Composer
Ross Wilkes-Houghton – Sound Designer
Griff Miles – Sound Recordist
Andrea Lo Priore – Colourist
Tian Boyce – Production Manager
Lára Theódóra Kristjánsdóttir – Production Coordinator
Tom Allan – First Assistant Director
Andrew David – Casting Director
Julian Lara Cid – Second Assistant Director
Gabriel Lippe – Third Assistant Director
Caroline Bille Frandsen – Third Assistant Director
Marguerite Poupinel – Third Assistant Director
Rob Hawkins – First Assistant Camera
Hermes Contreras – First Assistant Camera
Adam Farquharson – Second Assistant Camera
Jane Bell – Script Supervisor
Angus Puczyniec – Boom Operator
Werner Van Peppen – Gaffer
Max Conran – Gaffer
Jeff Celis – Sparks
Oliver Craig – Sparks
Will Goodridge – Sparks
Maryna Gradnova – Costume Designer
Aimee Sampson – Hair & Makeup Artist
Bella Arghiros – Hair & Makeup Artist
Eleanor Cannings – Hair & Makeup Artist
Emily Mortimore – Hair & Makeup Artist
Lauren Clark – Hair & Makeup Artist
Martim Gomes– Art Assistant
Franz Böhm – Runner/Driver
Millie Farquhar – Runner/Driver
Evance Breteuil – Stills Photographer
Cut & Cork Ltd – Catering

Special Thanks to
Charles Hall
Green Kit
Marc Canton
Myf Hopkins
National Film and Television School
Pam Owen
Shakyra Dowling Casting
The Iver Make-Up Academy

No spiders were harmed in the making of this film
The characters and situations in this film are fictitious and any similarity with living
individuals is a coincidence.

The Dream Cut

/euandme/file/dream-cut-euandme-short-film-directed-young-filmmaker-vlad-muko_enThe Dream Cut: an #EUandME short film directed by young filmmaker Vlad Muko